How to Create a Task from an Email in Gmail

Add to your to-do list and make the emails associated easy-to-find

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If you use Gmail as your primary email account and calendar, you can save time by turning an email message into a task.

Create a Task from an Email in Gmail

  1. Open the desired email or select it in the message list.

  2. From the menu at the top of the message window, select More (three horizontal dots).

  3. Select Add to Tasks. Or, use the keyboard shortcut Shift+T. The Task pane opens and the task is highlighted in yellow at the top of the list.

    Screenshot of menu showing Add to Tasks in Gmail
  4. Select the task, delete the existing text, then enter a descriptive name for the task.

    Gmail task added

To keep your tasks organized, move the task or make it a subtask of another task. Subtasks make it possible to link a single task to multiple messages.

To open the message related to an item in Gmail Tasks, select Related email in the title of the task on the task list.

Attaching an email to a task does not remove it from your Inbox or prevent you from archiving, deleting, or moving the message. The email remains attached to the task until you remove the message, but you're free to handle it outside of Tasks as you normally would.

Edit the Task

Here's how to edit the details of a to-do item in Gmail Tasks:

  1. Select Tasks in the right pane of the Gmail window to view your tasks.

    Screenshot of Gmail showing Tasks in the right pane
  2. Select Edit Details next to the task you want to edit.

    Gmail edit task
  3. Add, remove, or change any information in the task.

  4. Select Add Subtasks to add a subtask to a task.

    Gmail add subtasks