How to Create a Playlist Using Winamp

Be your own DJ in Winamp

What to Know

  • To create a playlist in Winamp, select the Media Library tab, right-click Playlists, and choose New Playlist. Name the playlist and select OK.
  • To add songs, double-click Local Library and select Audio. Click and drag songs to the playlist in the left pane.
  • To save a playlist, go to File > Save Playlist.

This article explains how to create a playlist in Winamp. Instructions apply to Winamp version 5.8.0 and newer.

Create a Playlist in Winamp

If you use Winamp to play music files, make your life easier by creating playlists. By organizing your music library into playlists, you can play your compilations without manually queueing songs every time you run Winamp. You can also make music compilations to suit different musical moods, burn your playlists to CD, or transfer to an MP3 or other media player. You can make a playlist in a few steps.

  1. Select the Media Library tab if it isn't selected (it's located under the player controls on the left side of the screen).

    The Media Library tab in Winamp
  2. In the left pane, right-click Playlists, then select New Playlist from the pop-up menu that appears.

    The New Playlist command in Winamp
  3. Enter a name for the playlist, then select OK or press Enter.

    The New Playlist window in Winamp
  4. Double-click Local Library in the left pane if it isn't expanded, then select Audio to see your music library contents.

    If you haven't added media to your Winamp library, choose the File tab at the top of the screen and select Add media to Library.

    The Add Media to Library command in Winamp
  5. To add files to the playlist, drag and drop either albums or single files from the library list at the bottom of the screen to the playlist in the left pane.

    Dragging a song from the media window to a playlist in Winamp
  6. When you are happy with your playlist, you can use it right away by selecting it and pressing Play on the Winamp player controls.

    To save the playlist to a folder on your computer, choose the File tab at the top of the screen and select Save Playlist.

    The Play button in Winamp
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