How to Create a New Google Calendar

Stay organized with multiple Google calendars

Close-up of calendar
Daryl Solomon / Getty Images

Want to see at a glance what you were up to at work last week or what social engagements you have next week? Maybe you'd like to have separate calendars for family events and key business deadlines. Google Calendar makes adding a new calendar for every aspect of your life easy and painless. It's a simple process:

  1. Click Add under the My calendars list in Google Calendar.
  2. If you cannot see a list of calendars or Add under My calendars, click the + button next to My calendars.
  3. Enter the name you want for your new calendar (for example, "Trips," "Work," or "Tennis Club") under Calendar name.
  4. Optionally, state in more detail under Description what events will be added to this calendar.
  5. Optionally, enter a location where events will take place under Location. (You can specify a different location for each calendar entry, of course.)
  6. If the time zone of the event differs from your default, change it under Calendar time zone.
  7. Make sure Make this calendar public is checked only if you want others to find and subscribe to your calendar.
  8. You can make any event private even on a public calendar.
  9. Click Create Calendar.
  10. If you marked your calendar public, you'll see this prompt: "Making your calendar public will make all events visible to the world, including via Google search. Are you sure?" If you're OK with this, click Yes. If not, see the link in step 8.

    Keeping Calendars Organized

    Google allows you to create and maintain as many calendars as you need, as long as you don't create 25 or more in a short period. To keep them all straight, you can color-code them so that you can differentiate among them at a glance. Just click the small arrow next to your calendar and choose a color from the menu that pops up.