How to Create a New Calendar in Google Calendar

Want to see at a glance if you had enough fun last week, and how much time you spent thinking about advancing the enterprise?

Color-coded calendars are the key, of course; in Google Calendar, adding a new calendar for every aspect is easy, and the colors to mark them are many, too.

Create a New Calendar in Google Calendar

To add a new calendar to Google Calendar:

  • Click Add under the My calendars list in Google Calendar.
    • If you cannot see a list of calendars or Add under My calendars, click the + button next to My calendars.
  • Enter the name you want for your new calendar ("Trips", for instance, "Work" or "Tennis Club") under Calendar Name:.
  • Optionally, describe in more detail what events will be added to this calendar under Description:.
  • Optionally, enter a location where events will generally take place under Location:.
    • You can specify a different location for each individual calendar entry, of course.
  • Optionally, pick a time zone different from your default under Calendar Time Zone:.
  • Make sure Make this calendar public is checked only if you want others to find and subscribe to your calendar.
  • Click Create Calendar.
  • If you marked your calendar public, click Yes when prompted Making your calendar public will make all events visible to the world, including via Google search. Are you sure?.