How To Create a Free Video Blog (or "Vlog")

Teenage girl Making Her Video Blog.
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A video blog, or vlog, is a collection of videos--your own or your favorites--posted on a web site. It's easy to create a free video blog, and it's a great way to reach out to audiences and show off your work. With a camcorder, editing software and a high-speed internet connection, you're well on your way to producing a successful video blog!

Difficulty: N/A

Time Required: Depends

Here's How:

First, you'll need a reason, or a theme, for your video blog. Video blogs can have many different applications, and can be created for various personal and professional reasons.

Find a web host for your video blog. There are many free web services that will host your video blog and simplify the vlogging process. I generally recommend YouTube or Vimeo for hosting videos. You can then use the channel page on the video site as your vlog, or you can create a separate blog site - through wordpress or another service - to embed your videos.

Name your video blog. The content is more important than the name, but having a catchy yet easy-to-remember title can attract more viewers and keep them coming back.

Prepare some content. You’ll probably be able to generate a lot of interest from your audience at first, but if you don’t add new content regularly people will lose interest and stop checking in. So, before you go live with your video blog, make sure you have enough content to keep it going for a little while.

Post your videos. Now you can upload your videos to the web and post them to your video blog. You can improve the visibility of your videos by adding good titles, tags and description.

Embed a YouTube video in your vlog

Curate videos. Video curation is the easiest way to put together a great video blog. All you have to do is find videos that other people have produced that will be of interest to your audience, and post them on your vlog.

Promote your video blog. To gain an audience for your vlog, you'll need to let the world know that it exists! You can do this through blog aggregation sites, search engine optimization and good old fashioned self-promotion (i.e. sending out an email to all your contacts).

Make money from your video blog. Depending on the content, and where you choose to host your video blog, you may be able to make some money from your videos.

Keep it up! To have a successful video blog you'll need to continuously create and update your content. If you're creating videos about a topic that you love, keeping an up-to-date video blog should be a joy and not a chore.

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