How to Copy a Link in iOS Mail (iPhone, iPad)

How to Copy a Link in iOS Mail (iPhone, iPad)
Tap "Copy". Apple, Inc.

Tap and open—or ignore: that is about all you can do with links to web Pages in iOS Mail on iPhone and iPad; all, of course, unless your tapping is persistent.

Holding tight onto links for a while lets you reveal and copy the URLs behind them, too.

Now you can copy a link for later perusal and paste it in your calendar or task manager, for example, without opening it first in Safari. You can also copy links and immediately open them in Safari, of course.

Copy a Link in iPhone Mail

To copy a URL from an email in iPhone Mail:

  1. Tap the link or URL in iOS Mail and keep your finger down.
  2. Select Copy from the menu that comes up after about two seconds.
    • Note, at the top of the menu in gray the actual web address for the link; be especially suspicious and careful if this does not correspond to the address as it appears in the message. This might be just for keeping track of your following the link, but it could also mean the email is part of a phishing scheme designed to gather passwords and information about you.
    • (Open opens the link in Safari, and Add to Reading List lets you save the URL to your Safari reading list for later without leaving Mail.)

In addition to links, you can also often tap dates and times in emails to add events to your calendar right away.

(Updated June 2015, tested with iOS Mail 8.3)