Using MediaMonkey to Convert WMA to MP3

Sometimes it is necessary to convert one audio format to another because of some hardware or software restriction that the user comes up against. A prime example of this is the Apple iPod, which can’t play WMA files. This restriction can be overcome by using software like MediaMonkey to convert to a compatible audio format such as the universally accepted MP3 format.

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Screenshot of Mediamonkey

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Start by downloading and installing MediaMonkey. This Windows-only software is free to use, and the latest version can be downloaded from MediaMonkey website.

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Screenshot of navigating mediamonkey

When you run MediaMonkey for the first time, the software asks if you want to scan your computer for digital audio files; accept this and wait until the scan is complete. After the scan is complete all the audio on your computer is listed in MediaMonkey’s library.

On the left pane of the screen is a list of nodes with a + symbol next to them, which indicates that each one can be expanded by clicking the ​+ with the mouse. For example, clicking on the + next to the Title node opens to list your music library by titles in alphabetical order.

If you know the name of the track you want to convert, click on the letter it starts with. If you want to see all the music on your computer, click on the node name itself.

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Choosing a Track to Convert

Screenshot of highlighting a song in mediamonkey

After you find the audio track that you want to convert, click on the file in the main pane to highlight it. If you need to select multiple files to convert, hold down the CTRL key as you click on each one. After you complete your selection, release the CTRL key.

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Starting the Conversion Process

Screenshot of clicking the tools menu in mediamonkey

To bring up the conversion dialog box, click on Tools at the top of the screen and select Convert Audio Format from the drop-down menu.

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Converting the Audio

Screenshot of converting audio in mediamonkey

The audio conversion screen has a few settings that you can adjust by clicking the OK button. The first one is the Format, which is used to set the type of audio file to convert to; in this example, leave it set on MP3. The Settings button enables you to tweak the coding quality and the method, such as CBR (constant bitrate) or VBR (variable bitrate).

When you are satisfied with the settings, select the OK button to commit to the conversion process.