How to Convert Excel to Word

There are a few ways to copy From Excel to Word

What to Know

  • Highlight content in Excel you'd like to copy, press Ctrl+C to copy it, and press Ctrl+V within Word to paste your content.
  • In Word, go to Insert > Object > Object, select Create from File, choose your Excel file, and select Insert.
  • To convert entire files, use an online conversion tool to directly convert an Excel spreadsheet into a Word document.

With Excel's spreadsheet power and Word's processing magic, they're a power duo for creating projects. Even though a direct conversion method doesn't exist, if you need to convert from Excel to a Word document, there are a few ways you can do so in Excel and Word 2019, 2016, and Excel and Word for Microsoft 365.

How to Copy From Excel to Word

The first method is the simplest, and you're probably already aware of the it. You can easily convert your work from Excel to Word by copying and pasting.

While Excel does have an Export option, there's no built-in way to export to Word from within Excel. Instead, you need to use one of the methods described here to move data from an Excel document into a Word Document.

  1. To start, open the Excel document you want to copy from.

  2. Open the Word document you're pasting to.

  3. In the Excel document, select the content you want to copy. If you want the entire page, select the triangle icon in the upper left of your work.

    Excel document with triangular copy icon in upper left corner highlighted
  4. With the content selected, press Ctrl+C on your keyboard (Cmd+C for Mac users) to copy it.

  5. In the Word document, place your cursor where you want to paste your work. Use Ctrl+V (Cmd+V for Mac users) to paste.

    Excel spreadsheet converted into Microsoft Word

    You can also use copy and paste to create a new table in Word. Simply create a Word table, select the data in Excel and then copy it directly into the new table you created.

How to Convert Excel to Word Using Insert Object

In contrast to copy and paste, inserting Excel as an object inserts a miniature version of your Excel document in Word, complete with multiple sheets and other features. With Excel and Word open, proceed to the steps to start converting.

How to Convert Excel to Word Using Insert Object on Mac

  1. In Word, select Insert from the ribbon.

  2. Select the Insert tab and choose the Object icon in the toolbar.

    Insert tab showing Object icon
  3. Select Text from File in the dialog box and locate your Excel file.

    Text from File selected in the menu under the Object icon

    Want your object to automatically update if you change the Excel spreadsheet? Select Options > Link to File.

  4. Select Insert in the bottom right corner of the dialog box to place the content.

    Excel spreadsheet converted into Word

How to Convert Excel to Word Using Insert Object in Windows

  1. In Word, select Insert > Object > Object.

  2. Select the Create from File tab > Browse. Locate the file you want to insert.

  3. Select Insert. If you want to link it to a file, select the Link to File check box.

  4. Select OK.

Convert Excel to Word Using an Online Converter

You can also use an online converter to convert Excel to Word. Locate an online converter by conducting a quick online search. Then upload your two separate documents and allow the converter to do the heavy lifting. When the process is complete, you can download your new document.

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