How To Contact Instagram

The best ways to get Instagram support when you need it

What To Know

  • Report a problem in the app by going to your Profile > Menu > Settings > Help > Report a Problem.
  • Fill out a specific form in the Help Center for DMCA, nonprofit fundraiser, donations or payment support.
  • Send mail to Instagram LLC, 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, California 94025 or call 650-543-4800 or email

This article explains the main methods you can use to contact Instagram. Since Instagram doesn't have a dedicated support team, getting in contact with a real person may be extremely difficult.

How To Contact Instagram in the App

You can report spam or abuse, a feature that isn't working, or bad image/video quality in Instagram's Help Center directly within the app. You can also give general feedback.

  1. Tap your profile icon in the bottom menu.

  2. Tap the menu icon in the top right.

  3. Tap Settings.

  4. Tap Help.

    Steps to take to get help in Instagram in the iOS app.
  5. Tap Report a Problem.

  6. Select one of the following options:

    • Spam or Abuse
    • Something Isn't Working
    • General Feedback
    • Image or Video Quality Issue
  7. If you selected Spam or Abuse, select the most relevant form of spam or abuse you're experiencing o the next tab and follow the given instructions.

    If you selected any other option, use the given field to type out a description of the issue and optionally tap Take Screenshot or Upload to add images or files, then tap Send in the top right.


    Instagram may review your submission and take necessary action to resolve it, but don't expect it to be resolved quickly or to hear back from Instagram at all.

    The steps to report an issue or get in touch with Instagram from inside the iOS app.

How To Contact Instagram via Contact Submission Form

If you have a specific problem that can't be reported by following the instructions above, you may be able to get in contact with Instagram by submitting an online form for that specific reason.

  1. Determine if your reason for contacting Instagram has anything to do with the following:

    • Needing to send a DMCA report of copyright infringement.
    • Needing help with a nonprofit fundraiser you've created or donated to.
    • Needing help with donations on Instagram Stories and Live.
    • Needing help with a payment on Instagram.
  2. If your reason is falls under any of the above options, continue to step three. Otherwise, skip to the next section to find out how to contact Instagram by mailing address, phone or email.

  3. Select the relevant link below to go to the online contact in the Instagram Help Center:

  4. Follow the instructions for the contact form you'd like to submit.


    Please note that submitting an online form does not guarantee that Instagram will be in touch with you.

Contact Instagram via Mailing Address, Phone or Email

Instagram accepts contact requests via mail, phone and email, however it's very unlikely that you'll receive an answer back.

  1. Send a letter by mail to Instagram using the following address:

    Instagram, LLC

    1601 Willow Road

    Menlo Park, California 94025


    You may wish to include an "Attn:" line to direct your letter to the most relevant department or person. For example, include Attn: Instagram Designated Agent for the purpose of sending a DMCA report.

  2. Call Instagram by phone at 650-543-4800.


    You may be greeted by an automated answering system and may not be able to speak with a real person.

  3. Send an email to


    Many emails may go unanswered due to the volume of email messages Instagram receives to this email address.

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