How to Contact FastMail Support

Get Help with Your FastMail Email Service When You Need It

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A lot can go wrong when using an email service. 

When you're having trouble using or accessing your email, it is good to be able to get fast and helpful help in that pinch. With ​FastMail, you can contact the support team for just that.

(Note that users subscribing to the "ad-free" service level do not get personal support from FastMail; if you are such a subscriber, you may still use the form to submit a ticket and alert FastMail to an issue.)

Contact FastMail Support

To get in touch with FastMail support—to alert them to a current problem with the service, for example, get help with a setup question or try to resolve a payment issue:

  • Check the FastMail status for current issues of which staff is already aware and which are already being addressed.
  • If you have problems accessing your account or certain folders in it with your browser or email program:
    • Visit the Verify Account page.
    • Enter your full FastMail address under Username@domain.
    • Type your FastMail password under Password.
    • Click Verify.
    • Try logging in again at to see if the issue has been resolved.
  • If you have accidentally deleted or otherwise lost mail, you can have a backup copy of your email account restored easily.
    • Restoring from the backup will not interfere with the messages and folders currently in your FastMail account.
  • Open the FastMail Support Form.
    • You need not be logged in to your FastMail account to access the form.
  • Enter your full FastMail address (including "", for instance) for Username under Open new ticket.
  • Type your FastMail account's password under Password.
  • Optionally, enter an email address other than your FastMail address under Contact address.
    • All updates relating to your support request will be sent to both your FastMail address and the alternative address — useful, of course, if you cannot access FastMail.
  • Enter a brief summary of the issue you are reporting under Subject.
    • Be specific even in this brief statement; if you get an error message, for instance, state it as well as when it comes up, e.g., "SMTP Error 451 Sending through".
  • Add more information about your problem under Details.
    • State any steps that trigger the problem you have, if you can identify them.
    • Include details about your environment: how you access FastMail, what email program or browser you are using, etc.
    • If you have attempted to resolve the problem, do state which steps you took and what happened.
  • Click Create New Support Ticket.

This will add a ticket for the new issue in the support system. You can see all tickets you created on the FastMail support page when you are logged in under Existing tickets.