How to Contact FastMail Support

Get Help with Your FastMail Email Service When You Need It

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A lot can go wrong when using an email service. 

When, seldom enough, a cable is cut and server inaccessible; a browser is updated and out of its usual order; a firewall overly enthusiastic and limiting; when, to sum up, something breaks and is broken or unclear and ill-documented, it is good to be able to get fast and helpful help in that pinch. With ​FastMail, you can contact the support team for just that.

(Note that users subscribing to the "ad-free" service level do not get personal support from FastMail; if you are such a subscriber, you may still use the form to submit a ticket and alert FastMail to an issue.)

Contact FastMail Support

To get in touch with FastMail support—to alert them to a current problem with the service, for example, get help with a setup question or try to resolve a payment issue:

  • Open the FastMail Support Form.
    • You need not be logged in to your FastMail account to access the form.
  • Enter your full FastMail address (including "", for instance) for Username under Open new ticket.
  • Type your FastMail account's password under Password.
  • Optionally, enter an email address other than your FastMail address under Contact address.
    • All updates relating to your support request will be sent to both your FastMail address and the alternative address — useful, of course, if you cannot access FastMail.
  • Enter a brief summary of the issue you are reporting under Subject.
    • Be specific even in this brief statement; if you get an error message, for instance, state it as well as when it comes up, e.g., "SMTP Error 451 Sending through".
  • Add more information about your problem under Details.
    • State any steps that trigger the problem you have, if you can identify them.
    • Include details about your environment: how you access FastMail, what email program or browser you are using, etc.
    • If you have attempted to resolve the problem, do state which steps you took and what happened.
  • Click Create New Support Ticket.

This will add a ticket for the new issue in the support system. You can see all tickets you created on the FastMail support page when you are logged in under Existing tickets.

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