How to Connect Your Laptop to a Bluetooth Mobile Device

Pair your laptop wirelessly with your phone

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Connecting or pairing your laptop with a Bluetooth-enabled device gives you wireless freedom. You can use Bluetooth to transfer files and media, set up a streamlined desk with wireless accessories, print over the air, and even use your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone for Internet access on your laptop. Here are the basic instructions for connecting your laptop to a Bluetooth device such as your smartphone or music player (the process may vary depending on your specific devices).

~ August 22, 2010

Difficulty: Average

Time Required: 15 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Make sure your laptop has a Bluetooth adapter, whether built-in or an external Bluetooth dongle. (You can check by looking for a Bluetooth icon in your taskbar or the Control Panel.)
  2. Activate the Bluetooth function on the mobile device (usually found under the Settings menu) and set it to be discoverable or visible.
  3. On the PC, right-click on the Bluetooth icon and select the option to add a new connection or device, which will make the computer search for available Bluetooth devices.
  4. When your mobile device appears, select it to connect/pair it to your laptop.
  5. If prompted for a PIN code, try 0000 or 1234 and enter it on both the mobile device when prompted and your laptop. If those don't work, try searching for your mobile device's manual online to find the Bluetooth code.
  6. Once you're connected, you can perform other actions like wirelessly transferring a file between your devices using either the context menus in applications or right-clicking on a file and looking for "Send to Bluetooth"-types of options.


    1. If setting up the connection from your PC doesn't work, you may also be able to initiate the connection from the mobile device instead.
    2. Turn Bluetooth off when you're not using it, to prevent battery drain.

    What You Need:

    • Bluetooth-enabled mobile device
    • Bluetooth adapter for your laptop