Connect IncrediMail to Facebook for Updates and Sharing


Email is great for sharing stories and photos and links and newsletters; Facebook can be good for sharing, too, and for receiving things worth sending.

In IncrediMail, you can get both: your emails and your Facebook account in one application, making it easy to follow your Facebook updates alongside your mail and easy to share links and photos from emails with Facebook friends.

Connect IncrediMail to Facebook for Updates and Sharing

To link IncrediMail to your Facebook account so you can share links and photos as well as get notifications in a special folder:

  • Select Tools | Options… from the menu in IncrediMail.
    • If you cannot see the menu bar in IncrediMail, click Menu in the title bar or press Alt-T.
  • Go to the Emails tab.
  • Click Facebook Settings….
  • Click Connect under You are not connected to Facebook.
    • To link IncrediMail to a different Facebook account — or to unlink —, click Disconnect under Facebook Settings: instead followed by clicking Yes.
  • Enter the email address or phone number you use with Facebook under Email or Phone:.
  • Type your Facebook password under Password:.
  • Click Log In.
  • Optionally:
    • Type "IncrediMail" (or something similar) under Name New Device for Device name:.
    • Click Save Device.
      • Otherwise, click Don't Save.
  • Pick who can see what you share from IncrediMail by default under Who can see posts this app makes for you on your Facebook timeline:.
    • Choose Only Me, for example, to keep posts private.
  • Click Log In with Facebook.
  • Click Allow.
  • Optionally, click Share to post a link to IncrediMail to your Facebook timeline, click Cancel to avoid having the link added.
  • Click Start Now.

You can now find your Facebook newsfeed and photo albums under the Facebook account in your folder and account list. Sharing photos and links via Facebook is easy, too, right from IncrediMail.

(Updated October 2012)