How to Connect GoPro to Your iPhone

Take control of your GoPro videos using your iPhone

There are many reasons to connect a GoPro to your iPhone, including smoother editing and uploading, and controlling the camera with the iPhone. Connecting your iPhone to your GoPro is a simple process that involves a companion app. Here's how to connect the two if you're interested in controlling the GoPro with your phone.

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How to Connect GoPro to Your iPhone

Follow these simple instructions to connect a GoPro to your iPhone.

  1. On the iPhone, open the App Store and search for Quik to find the official app.

  2. Select Get to download and install the app.

  3. Once installed, you need to pair your iPhone with your GoPro.

    It's easiest to do this when both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, but you can use a Bluetooth connection. A Wi-Fi connection is recommended, as it provides a more stable connection.

  4. On the GoPro device, select either Settings > Connect or Preferences > Connect, depending on your model.

    On other GoPro models, the Connect option can be found by scrolling through the available Mode options.

  5. Select Pair or Pair Through the GoPro App.

  6. On the iPhone, open the Quik app, then select the camera icon on the main screen.

  7. Depending on the version of the app and GoPro, the app either locates the GoPro and pairs automatically, or it displays a list of devices. If the latter happens, tap the GoPro, and the two devices begin pairing.

    After you pair the devices, you can change the name of your GoPro through the app. This is especially useful if you have multiple cameras. Change the name to something easily identifiable.

Why Pair Your iPhone to a GoPro?

After pairing the two devices, you can control the camera using your iPhone, as well as view your GoPro's perspective from the phone. You can set it to start and stop recording and control the different shooting modes. It also automatically transfers any footage you take to a Quikstory.

You can also download, edit, and share your GoPro videos through the app. Work through the different tabs of the app to see how many options are available to you.

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