How to Connect Bose Headphones to Your iPhone

Pair great sound with your iPhone via Bluetooth

What to Know

  • Turn on Bluetooth on iPhone. On headset, flick the switch on the right earpiece from red to green.
  • Next, open Bose Connect app > swipe down > select Ready to Play.

This article explains how to pair Bose headphones with an iPhone. Instructions apply to all iPhone and iPad models.

How to Connect Bose Headphones to iPhone Using the Bose Connect App

All Bose wired headsets can connect to iPhones equipped with a traditional audio jack, but most iPhones don't have audio jacks, and many headphones are wireless. Bose headphones connect to iPhones using Bluetooth and the Bose Connect app. In addition to simplifying the connection process, the Bose Connect app installs firmware updates that support new features and fix audio bugs or glitches.

  1. Make sure you have Bluetooth enabled on your iPhone.

  2. Download the Bose Connect app to your iPhone from the App Store.

  3. Turn on your Bose Bluetooth-compatible headset by flicking the switch from red to green on the right earpiece. 

  4. Open the Bose Connect app.

  5. The Bose Connect iPhone app should automatically detect the Bose headphones. When it does, you see an image of your headphones and the text "Drag To Connect."

    Swipe down on the screen to begin connecting your Bose headset to your iPhone. If your headphones aren't detected, you see a screen offering several tips for helping your iPhone find them.

    Bose Connect app on an iPhone.

    If you wear the Bose headphones during this process, you hear audio confirmation of the connection when it's complete.

  6. The Bose Connect app begins to sync with your iPhone, and the word "Connecting" appears at the bottom of the screen.

  7. After the connection is confirmed, tap Ready To Play at the bottom of the screen. You can now use your Bose Bluetooth headset to listen to all audio on your iPhone.

    Bose Connect app on iPhone

    You may also see a "Preparing product update" message along the top of the Bose Connect app. This notice means the app is downloading an update that it sends wirelessly to your Bose headphones.

While new Bose Bluetooth headphones can ship with some charge in their batteries, they may need charging before they can be turned on and connected to your iPhone or other smart devices.

How to Pair Bose Headsets With iPhone Settings

While the Bose Connect app is the recommended method for pairing Bose headphones to an iPhone, you can also connect a Bose headset using the iOS Settings app.

  1. Go to Settings > Bluetooth on the iPhone. Bluetooth must be turned on for this method to work.

  2. Turn on your Bose headphones by turning the switch on the right earpiece from red to green.

  3. Under Other Devices, tap the headphones you want to use. When the connection to Bluetooth is made, the headphones move to the My Devices section with a status of Connected.

    iOS Bluetooth settings.

    The name of your headphones has "Bose" in it somewhere.

Your Bose headphones are now connected to your iPhone.

While this method works to connect your Bose headphones to your iPhone, you need the Bose Connect app to install updates and control the noise cancellation.

How to Disconnect Bose Headphones From an iPhone

To turn off your Bose Bluetooth headphones, flick the switch on the right earpiece from green to red.

If you want to disconnect the headphones from your iPhone while still using them on another device, open the Bose Connect app, tap the image of your headphones, then tap Disconnect. You can also turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone to disable the wireless connection.

To remove Bose headphones from an iPhone altogether and prevent them from pairing automatically in the future, go to Settings > Bluetooth, tap the i symbol next to the headphones, and then tap Forget This Device.

iOS Bluetooth device settings.
  • Why won't my Bose headphones connect to my iPhone?

    There are a few potential causes. Make sure your headphones are turned on and have enough of a charge to stay on during the pairing process. Keep your headphones and your iPhone fairly close to each other (within a few feet) to ensure a clear signal. Turn your headphones off for a few seconds, then turn them back on again and see if your iPhone can connect.

  • How do I answer a call on my iPhone with my Bose headphones?

    You can answer a phone call by pressing the Multi-function button on your headphones once. You can also press it once when on a call to hang up.

  • Why do my Bose headphones keep disconnecting from my iPhone?

    You could be having Bluetooth signal problems. Move your headphones closer to your iPhone, with no obstructions between them. If that doesn't clear up the problem, move to a different location as you might be getting local interference. If you're still having problems, unpair your headphones and restart your iPhone, then pair them again.

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