How to Pair Bluetooth Headphones With a Phone

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It's not always easy or even possible to hold your phone with your hand. There are many scenarios where this is true, and wired headphone are sometimes just too cumbersome.

Maybe you're driving but you still need to make a phone call, or you're cooking or exercising and would rather listen to music without having cords running down your body and into your pocket.

No matter why you want to do it, it's pretty simple to pair a Bluetooth headset with a compatible device so that you can talk through and control your phone wirelessly.

Tip: There are some things you should consider before buying a headset, like making sure your phone even supports Bluetooth.

How to Connect a Bluetooth Headset With a Phone

Below is a walkthrough of how to do this with a Jabra BT2035 Bluetooth headset and a Samsung Android device.

Don’t worry if you have different makes and models of the headset or of the phone, or if you have earlier or cheaper models - the functionality is more or less the same, and some minor improvisations and inferences will get the job done.

  1. Make sure that both your phone and your headset are well charged for the pairing process. A completely full charge is not required but the point is that you don't want either device to shut off during the pairing process.
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your phone if it isn't already on. You normally have to enter Settings > Wireless and Networks > Bluetooth Settings > Turn on Bluetooth, but the easiest way is to pull down the Android menu and touch the Bluetooth icon. Here, just toggling it is not sufficient. Make a long touch on the icon to open the settings, and set your device to be visible to other Bluetooth devices.
    Tip: The Bluetooth settings on an iPhone are in Settings > Bluetooth.
  1. Switch your Bluetooth adapter on. The light on it should blink once.
  2. To pair the Bluetooth headset to the phone, hold the headset’s button down for 5 to 10 seconds. During this time, it will identify the phone and make a link to it. While it's searching, you will notice the light blinking in a series of three blinks. Keep pressing the button until the light stops blinking and becomes solid, which indicates successful pairing.
  1. On your phone, go to the Bluetooth settings and scan for devices. You will see the Bluetooth headset listed. Select it and let it make its connection.

    If you are asked a password or code, enter 0000. If this code isn't correct, refer to the manufacturer for more information.
  2. Once your phone makes the connection, a message will tell you that the pairing is successfully completed.

You are now ready to use your Bluetooth headset with your mobile phone. If you keep your phone's Bluetooth adapter on, it will automatically pair with the headset each time it's within range.

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