How to Connect Beats Wireless to a Phone or Computer

When you're ready to rock, your headphones will be, too!

What to Know

  • Android: Settings > Wireless and Network > Bluetooth > Pair new device. iOS: Settings > Bluetooth > Beats Wireless.
  • Windows: Settings > Bluetooth and other devices > Add Bluetooth or other device > Beats Wireless.
  • Mac: System PreferencesBluetooth > select Beats headphones.

This article explains how to connect Beats wireless headphones to Android and iOS devices and Windows and Mac computers.

Before You Begin

Beats offers several options when it comes to wireless headphones, including:

  • Powerbeats
  • Beats Solo
  • Beats Studio
  • Beats X

The key to pairing wireless Beats with any of your devices is knowing where the power button is located. If you're unsure where the power button is, consult the manual or quick start guide that came with your headphones.

To connect Bluetooth headphones to a mobile device, first, make sure the device is discoverable. You accomplish this on your Beats headphones by pressing and holding the power button for about five seconds. You'll see the Bluetooth LED blink, indicating your device is ready to be paired.

Add Beats Wireless Headphones to Android

After you are sure Bluetooth is enabled on your Android device, here's how to connect your wireless headphones to the Android device.

  1. Swipe down from the center of the Android home screen to open the App Drawer. Then, select Settings.

  2. Tap Wireless and Network.

  3. Tap Bluetooth and then tap the toggle switch to enable Bluetooth.

  4. Once Bluetooth is on, tap Pair new device.

  5. Select Beats Wireless from the available devices list.

    Pair new device screen on Android
  6. Your Beats headphones show as connected after they successfully pair.

Add Beats Wireless Headphones to iPhone

Here's how to connect the Beats wireless headphones to your iPhone or another iOS device.

  1. Bluetooth must be enabled on your iOS device. To enable it (or confirm it is enabled), tap Settings.

  2. Tap Bluetooth and tap the toggle switch to enable it if it isn't turned on.

  3. Once Bluetooth is on, your available devices are listed on the Bluetooth screen. Select Beats Wireless in the list under My Devices.

    Bluetooth activation screen on iOS
  4. Your Beats headphones show as connected after they successfully pair with the phone.

The headphones are now connected to your mobile device, and you are ready to rock them wherever you go.

How to Connect Beats Wireless to Windows PC

To connect Beats Wireless headphones to a Windows 10 PC:

  1. Select the Windows icon on the desktop and choose All Settings.

    Windows desktop showing All Settings location
  2. Begin typing Bluetooth in the Windows Settings search field. Choose Bluetooth and other device settings in the search results.

    Bluetooth and other devices settings in Windows
  3. Choose Add Bluetooth or other device and confirm the Bluetooth toggle is in the On position.

    Bluetooth & other devices options on Windows

    If there's no Bluetooth toggle, your PC doesn't have Bluetooth functionality. You need to add Bluetooth before you can pair it with your headphones.

  4. In the Add a device screen, select Bluetooth.

    Add a device options in Windows 10
  5. When all the nearby Bluetooth discoverable devices have loaded, select Beats Wireless.

    Beats Wireless selection in the Add a device options

You will receive a notification on your screen when your device is ready to go.

How to Connect Beats Wireless Headphones to Mac

To connect Beats Wireless headphones to a Mac computer:

  1. Open System Preferences from the Apple menu or by selecting it in the Dock.

  2. Click the Bluetooth option.

  3. Click the Beats headphones you want to pair.

    Bluetooth system preferences in macOS

Once the Beats are paired, they show as Connected.

  • How do I connect Beats to my PS4?

    On your PS4, go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth Devices. Make sure your Beats are nearby and in pairing mode. If the PS4 doesn't recognize the headphones, try using a dongle to connect them to your PS4.

  • How to connect Beats to Chromebook?

    First, go to the lower-right corner of Chromebook and tap the time; if you see a Bluetooth icon, your Chromebook works with Bluetooth. Tap the Bluetooth icon > Bluetooth > select your Beats > follow prompts to connect.

  • How to connect Beats to Peloton?

    On the Peloton screen, select Settings > Bluetooth Audio. Next, make sure your Beats are nearby and in pairing mode. On the Peloton screen, locate your headphones > tap Connect.

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