Configure the Header Lines Displayed in Eudora

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Aleksander Yrovskih / Getty Images

Eudora is habitually accused of being a solid but disproportionally dull email program. Of course, those who know Eudora also know this to be further from the truth than the Earth is from Saturn's rings. There is MoodWatch, for example, always a source of fun; there is the Blah Blah Blah button, always a way to enlightenment; there are the numerous hidden X-Eudora-Options.

Take TabooHeaders, for example. Aptly named, this hidden option masterfully combines the best qualities of all three examples — and it is very useful, too. Using TabooHeaders, you can tell Eudora which header lines to hide when displaying a message.

You can hide all X- headers (which are less "standard" than the Subject: or From: headers and may include things like spam scores or virus scanner messages), for example, by making "x-" a taboo header. Adding "Rec" lets you hide all the "Received:" lines that are interesting but usually unnecessary to see.

Configure the Header Lines Displayed in Eudora

To configure the header lines displayed in Eudora:

  • Edit the X-Eudora-option TabooHeaders.
  • Add any headers you do not want to see displayed in messages by default.
    • Separate entries with commas.
    • Eudora hides all header lines that begin with an entry under TabooHeaders. Having "X-UIDL" in TabooHeaders will hide only lines beginning with "X-UIDL" while adding "X-" will hide "X-UIDL" as well as "X-MimeOLE" and any other header line beginning with "X-".

TabooHeaders has a default value of "X-UID, Received, Status, X-UIDL, Message, In-Reply, X-Priority, Mime-Version, Content, X-Persona, Resent-Message, References, Return, X400, X-400, Mail-System, Errors-To, X-List, Delivery, Disposition,X-Juno, Precedence, X-Attachments, X-MSMail, X-MimeOLE, X-Nav", which you can add to your custom headers.

The selection of headers to display on screen also affects which header lines are printed by Eudora.