How to Collect Mail From Other POP Accounts in Gmail

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Some email providers let you forward all incoming mail to your Gmail address from their end, but many do not offer such convenience. Almost all are accessible by POP, however, and that means Gmail can collect it.

In fact, Gmail can retrieve mail from up to five POP accounts. You can even send email using these accounts' addresses right from Gmail. Once you've set up Gmail to retrieve mail from other accounts, those addresses will appear as choices in the From field of the emails you compose.

Pick your email service from the list, or follow the generic instructions below.

To have Gmail retrieve mail from an existing POP email account:

  1. Press the Settings gear in the upper right corner of the Gmail screen.

  2. Choose Settings from the menu that appears.

    Screenshot showing how to open the Gmail settings
  3. Go to the Accounts and Import tab.

    Gmail Accounts and Import settings screen
  4. Select Check mail from other accounts.

  5. Enter the email address you'd like to check through Gmail and select Next.

    Gmail: Add a mail account
  6. Select Import emails from my other account (POP3).

    If you see that the option to Link accounts with Gmailify is available: Addresses from some email providers (Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, Hotmail, and a few others) can use Gmailify. Scroll up to the beginning of this article and select your email provider from the list for specific instructions.

    Gmail: Add a mail account
  7. Enter Username, Password, Pop Server, and Port information, which you can find on your email service provider's website.

    Select the options that are appropriate for your situation. Gmail recommends using a secure connection and labeling incoming messages. If you're adding this account solely for the purpose of backing it up, select Archive incoming messages; they'll go directly to All mail.

    Gmail: enter settings for additional email account
  8. Select Add Account.