How to Clear Queue on Spotify

When your Spotify queue is full of stuff you don’t like

What to Know

  • Click the Queue button on the bottom right side of the play bar. Beside Next in Queue, select Clear Queue on desktop or Clear All on mobile.
  • Clear specific tracks on desktop: Hover over the track, click the More options menu (three dots) and select Remove from Queue.
  • On mobile, click the radio button next to a song and press Remove at the bottom.

This article guides you on clearing the queue on Spotify in both the mobile app and desktop version to make room for new songs.

How to Completely Clear Your Spotify Desktop Queue

Making space for new songs in your queue is fast and requires just two clicks in the desktop app.

  1. On the bottom Play bar, click the Queue icon toward the right side. It resembles a small play symbol nestled against three horizontal lines.

    Queue button in the Spotify desktop play bar
  2. Find Next In Queue and select Clear Queue to remove all the tracks in your queue.

    Clear queue button in Spotify desktop app
  3. To confirm your queue is empty, you’ll no longer see the Next In Queue heading. In its place, you’ll see Next Up.

    Empty queue on Spotify desktop app

Even after you clear your queue on desktop or mobile, you won’t see an empty queue page. A list of tracks will appear under Next Up. Spotify pulls these tracks from the playlist you most recently used.

How to Clear Specific Tracks in Your Spotify Desktop Queue

If you’d like to remove specific tracks from your queue, you can do that.

  1. Click the Queue button from the Play bar.

    Play bar and queue button in the Spotify desktop app
  2. Under Next In Queue, hover over the song you want to remove to reveal the More options menu (three horizontal dots) on the far right side of the track details.

    More options on a selected track in Spotify desktop
  3. Click the three dots to reveal a menu of choices. Use your mouse to select Remove from Queue to delete the track you no longer want in your queue. Repeat as desired.

    Remove track from Spotify desktop queue

If you want to add a song back to your queue quickly, click the Recently played tab at the top of your Play Queue page. To add it back, click more and select Add to queue.

How to Clear a Spotify Queue on Mobile

Clearing your queue on the Spotify mobile app follows a similar process as the desktop method.

There doesn't seem to be a queue option on Android, so these instructions apply only on iOS.

  1. Click the Play bar at the bottom of the screen to expand the current track.

  2. Tap the Queue button at the bottom right corner. It resembles a play symbol and three horizontal lines.

  3. Look for Next In Queue and click Clear Queue.

    Screenshots showing how to clear the queue on Spotify Mobile.

How to Remove Certain Tracks From Your Spotify Mobile Queue

If you only want to remove select or a certain batch of songs, there’s a fast way to do that from your queue.

  1. Click on the Queue button to bring up your list of queued songs.

  2. Tap the Radio button next to the songs you want to select for removal.

  3. Press Remove at the bottom left of the screen to clear them from your queue.

    Screenshots showing how to remove individual items from the queue in Spotify.
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