How to Clean a PS5

Want your shiny new console to stay that way? Here's how

What to Know

  • You'll need a pair of soft, preferably microfiber cloths; isopropyl alcohol (the highest percentage you can find); and some canned air.
  • Use the canned air to blow out dust and debris, and gently wipe the console down with a cloth and some alcohol.
  • Normal maintenance doesn't require disassembly, especially if you clean the PS5 occasionally and follow some common-sense rules.

This article covers how to clean your PlayStation 5, including the safe procedure to remove dust and dirt as well as tips for how to keep your PS5 clean in the first place.

How to Clean a PS5

If you managed to score a PS5, chances are you'll want to keep your new console in tip-top condition for as long as is possible. Luckily, cleaning a new PS5 and keeping it clean is easy, and all you'll need to do is spend a few minutes on maintenance a month.

To safely and efficiently clean your PS5, have a pair of soft, preferably microfiber cloths; the strongest isopropyl alcohol you've got; and some canned air ready.

Any cloth can work, but you want to make sure you're wiping down your console with something that won't leave residue. Similarly with isopropyl alcohol, any strength will do, but the stronger the alcohol the easier it'll be to wipe away dirt.

If you have a catastrophic accident, a simple cleaning may not be enough, and you might have to take your console out for repair, because the hardware inside could be damaged as well as dirty.

  1. With your console powered down and unplugged, use canned air to carefully blow out any dust and debris from the console's ports and the back fan exhaust.

  2. Splash some alcohol on a cloth, and gently wipe down the entire console. Isopropyl alcohol, particularly the strong variants, can irritate skin, so be careful and make sure to wash your hands after cleaning.

  3. With the second, dry cloth, wipe down your console again. Depending on your brand and strength of isopropyl alcohol, if the alcohol dries naturally it can leave streaks and smudges.

    While paper towels will work just fine for this, they can leave behind bits of fuzz or dust. If you want a truly shiney PS5 try using a lint-free cloth.

  4. The DualSense controller can be identically wiped down with alcohol and then a dry cloth to clean it, too. Sometimes cleaning your controller with alcohol can help unstick sticky buttons, if you ever run into that issue.

How to Keep a PS5 Clean

The most important part of cleaning your PS5 is keeping it clean, which you can easily do during setup and normal use.

  • Place Your PS5 in a Good Location: Don't wedge your PS5 into a tight-fitting space or place it too close to the floor. Dust buildup can be seriously mitigated if the PS5 is set on a surface like a table or an open cabinet where dust will have a tougher time accumulating.
  • Keep Yourself Clean When You Use the PS5: When going into a gaming session, wash your hands first. Without knowing it, it's easy to deposit dust, grime, and the sticky residue of food on your PlayStation. Place your console far away from where any pets you have can access. Hair can be a major cleanliness concern if you have a pet walking over or lying on top of the console.
  • Clean Your PS5 Once a Month: Follow these guidelines, and you'll never have cause to open your console and do a deep clean or be forced to experience the slowdown and fan-noise caused by the buildup of dust and dirt.
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