How to Check Spelling in Gmail

Learn How to Use Gmail's Multilingual Spell Checker

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The spell checker in Gmail provides correct spelling in English and in many other languages and prevents embarrassing misspellings from going out to your clients or friends in your emails. As you type, Gmail displays alternate spellings for English terms that you can accept or reject. If you prefer to type fast and check later, you can spell check the entire email after you have written the complete message or spell check it twice if you use foreign terms or phrases in your email.

Check the Spelling in Gmail

To have Gmail check the spelling of an outgoing email message:

  1. Open Gmail and click the Compose button to open a new message screen. 
  2. Fill in the To and Subject fields and type your email message.
  3. Click the More options button (▾) at the bottom of the message screen.
  4. Select Check spelling from the menu that appears.
  5. To correct a spelling mistake with a suggestion provided by Gmail, click the correctly spelled word that appears under the misspelled word or select the correct spelling from a menu of several options. 
  6. Click Recheck at any time to check any changes or to select an alternate language from the drop-down menu that appears. Google tries to guess the language in which to check what you have written based on the contents of the email, but you can override the choice and specify another language. For example, if you have included Spanish phrases in your email, Gmail suggests the Spanish language.
  7. Click the downward-pointed triangle (▾) next to Recheck in the spell checker toolbar.
  8. Select the desired language from the list of more than 35 languages.
  1. Click Recheck.

Gmail does not remember your language choice. Auto is the default for new emails.