How to Check the iCloud Mail Status for Issues

Find out for sure whether iCloud is down

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Before you start to delete and re-do your email program's configuration, force-reload the iCloud page, your browser and your system, or reset your iPad hard, consider that you, your setup and machines may not be the problem.

If iCloud Mail has stopped working, delivering mail or loading in your browser with any swiftness, it could be a problem at the server end. Before you start troubleshooting, you can find out whether Apple are aware of—and working to resolve—any issues with iCloud Mail.

Check the iCloud Mail Status for Issues

To learn about issues with iCloud Mail (such as an inability to log in, problems receiving or sending mail or delays and slowness) and other iCloud services:

If your problem is not listed, you can report it to Apple:

Report an iCloud Mail Bug or Issue

To notify Apple of an issue with iCloud Mail (such as a bug with email at or a problem accessing your account via POP or IMAP):

  • Check the iCloud Mail status for known current issues.
  • If your problem is not listed:
    • Fill out the iCloud Feedback form.
    • Include a one-line summary of the problem or big under Subject:.
    • Make sure Mail is selected under Feedback Type:.
    • Include all possible detail under Comments:.
      • Steps to take to make the issue appear are particularly helpful.
      • Describe what you did when the problem surfaced, or whether it appeared on its own.
      • Include what you expected to happen, and what happened instead.
    • Click Submit Feedback.
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