How to Check RAM in Android

Find out how much RAM your Android is using

What to Know

  • Tap Settings > About Phone > RAM to view the amount of RAM your phone has.
  • Tap Settings > About Phone > Build Version several times to activate Developer Options to view advanced RAM info.
  • Close unnecessary apps and widgets to free up RAM quickly.

This article teaches you how to check how much RAM your Android smartphone has as well as looks at how to show how much it's using at any one time. It also looks at how to free up RAM.

How Much RAM Does My Android Smartphone Have?

It's useful to know how much RAM your smartphone uses in daily use but a good starting point is also knowing how much RAM your Android phone has to deal with. Here's where to look to see how much RAM your phone has.

  1. On your smartphone, tap Settings.

  2. Tap About Phone.

    You may need to scroll down to find this option. It's often at the bottom of the Settings menu.

  3. Look for a statistic listed as RAM. That denotes how much RAM your Android phone has.

    Steps required to look up RAM on Android

How Can I Tell How Much RAM My Android Is Using?

If it feels like your Android phone is a little sluggish, it can be useful to know how much RAM is currently in use by your apps and games. To do so, you'll need to activate the Developer Options on your phone first. Here's how to check how much is currently being used.

  1. On your smartphone, tap Settings.

  2. Tap About Phone.

  3. Tap Version or Build Number numerous times until you're asked to enter your PIN.

    Steps required to activate Developer Settings on Android
  4. Enter your PIN to activate Developer Options.

  5. In Settings, tap Additional Settings.

  6. Tap Developer Options.

    Steps required to view Developer Options on Android
  7. Tap Memory.

  8. Tap Memory use by App to view which apps are using the most RAM.

    Steps required to view Memory Use by App on Android

How Do I Free up RAM on Android?

If it feels like your Android phone is using up too much RAM and feeling sluggish, it's possible to free up the RAM through a few key steps. Here's an overview of how to do so but bear in mind most phones operate well on their own and don't need such hands-on assistance. 

  • Close apps you're not using. By closing apps on Android, you might free up some memory but this is rarely essential. Sometimes, constantly shutting down apps can make your device run slower so be cautious with this approach.
  • Close running services. Close running services you don't need by tapping Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options > Running Services.
  • Disable animations and transitions. Disable any animations or transition effects you have set up on your Android phone to free up some RAM. 
  • Disable Live wallpapers. Live wallpaper apps look fantastic but they really eat up RAM as well as your phone's battery life. Disable them if performance is everything for you. 
  • Cut down on widgets. Android widgets are a great way to gain extra features but they can use a lot of your phone's RAM. Disable any unnecessary ones to cut back on RAM usage.
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