How to Check Battery Life on Apple Watch

Always know how much battery your watch has left

The battery life on Apple Watch is pretty impressive, lasting up to 18 hours on a single charge under optimal conditions. If you’re overly active on your watch throughout the day, however, that figure may not always hold true.

You may want to check to see how much juice your wrist companion has left, so keep reading to learn how to check the battery life on your Apple Watch from the watch or from your iPhone.

Instructions in this article apply to devices running watchOS 3 and up and iOS 10 and later.

How to Check Battery Life While Wearing Your Apple Watch

Do the following to check your Watch’s current battery life while it’s on your wrist or in your hand.

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of your Watch’s face, entering your passcode if prompted. 

  2. The WatchOS Control Center should now be visible. Tap the icon represented by a percentage (i.e., 90%).

    If you have AirPods connected, this will display their current battery life as well.

  3. The percentage of remaining battery life will be displayed, along with a button labeled Power Reserve. Slide this button to the right if you’d like to enter Power Reserve mode, which conserves your battery by turning off all features with the exception of the current time clock. 

    Apple Watch menu

How to Check Apple Watch Battery Life on Your iPhone

If you don’t want to use your actual Watch to check in on its battery life, the corresponding iPhone app can also provide this information. Here's how to add and access the relevant widget on your iPhone.

  1. Swipe right from your iPhone’s home screen.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap Edit.

  3. Look for the Batteries option under More Widgets and tap the plus sign to make it active.

    If Batteries already appears in the top part of the screen and has a minus sign next to it, it's already active, and you can return to the home screen.

  4. Tap Done to save your changes.

  5. Look for the Batteries section in the Today view. You'll see the battery levels of your iPhone, Apple Watch, and any other compatible Bluetooth devices you have paired with your device.

    Batteries Widget in iOS

How to Check Your Battery Usage Stats

The Apple Watch's battery usage stats provide details on how long it’s been since your Watch received a full charge, as well as information on standby and Power Reserve modes. 

  1. Launch the Watch app from your iPhone’s Home Screen.

  2. Scroll down and tap General.

  3. Your Watch’s General settings should now be visible. Scroll down again and select Usage.

    General Settings in Watch app
  4. The Usage interface will now be displayed. Once the loading indicators disappear and the screen is populated with data, scroll to the bottom until you locate the Usage and Standby indicators.

    It may take some time for this information to sync from your Watch to your iPhone.

  5. Usage and Standby show the exact amount of time your Watch has been active, as well as how long it’s been in standby mode since you charged it last.

    Usage readout in the Apple Watch app