How to Chat on the GROWLr App

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GROWLr, the self-described "Gay Bear Social Network" with more than 7 million members, is open to gay men who are at least 18 years old. GROWLr describes bears as being muscular or heavy set, hairy and ruggedly masculine gay men. After you download the iOS or Android GROWLr app for your mobile device, you must agree to the terms of service and are encouraged to allow the app access to your location. When you fill out your profile, the app searches for bears in your vicinity and displays a screen of online users. 

Introduction to GROWLr Chat

Use the app's chat feature to communicate with other users on the social network. Before you chat with anyone for the first time, open and view his profile.

View GROWLr Profile

When you see the photo of someone you want to chat with, tap the user's image to open his profile.

The standard profile includes:

  • Photos
  • First name
  • His current distance from your location
  • Whether he is currently active online
  • Height
  • Age
  • City and state location
  • Relationship status
  • Work information
  • Race

If you decide you want to chat with this user, tap Chat at the top of the screen.

Send a Chat Message

After you tap Chat on a user's profile screen, you are taken to a chat screen that resembles most other instant message screens you've seen. Type your message and tap ​Send. If the recipient is online, he should respond, but he may take the time to check out your profile first, so be patient. You don't have to stay on the screen; you can check out other user profiles while you wait. ​​​

When you receive instant messages, they are collected in your inbox. To view them, tap Msgs at the top of the main screen. Select the message you want to open and continue the conversation.

Send Photos and Audio Messages

While you are in your GROWLr chat screen, you can send a photo or audio message or take other action. Chat options include:

  • Send a Growl: Growls are preset messages GROWLr users send to one another to show interest. Growls are plentiful, but you can create your own for an additional fee.
  • Unlock Private Photos: If your GROWLr profile includes photos you have designated as private, you can unlock them for the person you are chatting with, so he can see them. 
  • Take Photo: To show a user you are chatting with what you look like at that very moment, use your mobile device camera to shoot a new pic.
  • Choose Existing Photo: If you would rather choose a photo from your device's gallery, browse through the image gallery and select a photo to share while chatting.
  • Record Voice Note: For iOS device users, the option to send and receive audio messages called voice notes is available. Just click and record using your device's microphone to send a 30-second message to your friend on GROWLr.

To go back to your chat without enabling one of these features, select the Cancel button.