How to Change Your or GMX Mail Password

Change Your Password and Make It More Secure

Is it time to change your or GMX Mail password? It is wise to change your passwords every few months. Updating the password to these accounts is easy, and they will give you some indication about your new password's randomness or security.

How to Change Your or GMX Mail Password

To change the password to your or GMX Mail email account, you first need to go to the Home screen and find the My Account icon on the left-hand menu.

It is the icon shaped like a person's head and shoulders. It is near the bottom of the list.

  • From the My Account Menu, select Security Options, either on the left-hand menu or the Security Options tile.
  • On the Password tile, select Change password.
  • You will see the last date that you changed your password.
  • Enter your current password
  • Choose a new password and re-type it.
  • Choose the Save Changes button.

Password Help at and GMX Mail

But what if you've forgotten your current password, so you can't change it by this method? Your password is saved by many browsers that you might be using. GMX has instructions for locating your stored password in different browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. They also note that if you recently changed your password, the old password may still be saved in the browser and is being used to autofill the password form. Be sure to enter your current password if you remember it.

If you can't locate your current password that way, you can change it using the GMX Password tool or the Password reset tool.

Password Security Recommendations for and GMX Mail

These services use the same functions and the only requirement for a password is that it is at least eight characters long.

However, a simple password of eight characters is not a strong password. They recommend additional security by using a mix of letters and numbers, using special characters such as @, and using a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters.

They recommend that you use a unique password that you don't use for any other websites. If the other site is hacked, that password might then be able to open your mail account. It is smart to make each password unique. Looking at it from the other direction, free email services are popular targets for hackers, and it is possible that GMX Mail and will be hacked. If you use the same password there, your other website accounts will be at risk.

They don't require you to change your password regularly, but they suggest that you do so. It's smart to change your password every three months.

A target that moves in random ways is easy to miss but by chance. Your or GMX Mail password should look random to others already; you can make it move in addition and, from time to time, change it.