How to Change Your iCloud Mail Password

Keep your account secure

Your Apple ID password is also your iCloud Mail password, and it's the first line of defense against hackers. If it's easy to guess, your account could be compromised, but if it's too hard to remember, you might find yourself resetting it often. If you want to change your password, either for security reasons or because you forgot it, recover your iCloud password first.

How to Change Your iCloud Password

Here's how to set a new password for your iCloud account:

  1. Go to the Apple ID page.

  2. Log in to your account with your Apple ID email address and current password.

    Apple ID home page

    If you forgot your Apple ID email address or password, select Forgot Apple ID or password and follow the instructions until you have the correct login information.

  3. On your account screen, go to the Security section and choose Change Password.

    Security settings for Apple ID
  4. Enter the current Apple ID password you want to change.

  5. In the next two text fields, enter the new password you want your account to use. Apple requires that you choose a secure password, which is important so it's hard to guess or hack. Your new password must have eight or more characters, upper and lower case letters, and at least one number.

  6. Select Change Password to save the change.

    password change in Apple ID
  7. Update this new password on every device where you use your Apple ID, such as on your phone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac desktop and laptop computers. If you use your iCloud mail account with an email service other than Apple Mail or iCloud, change your password in the other email account, too.

    If you save your Apple ID on a mobile device, set up two-factor authenticatio (2FA) for additional security.

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