How to Change your iCloud Mail Password

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Update your iCloud Mail to use a secure new password to help keep your emails safe.

Your iCloud Email Is the Key to Much of Your Life Online

Your password is the key to your messages and iCloud Mail account (though two-step authentication can offer additional security for critical functions such as making purchases from your iCloud account or—changing the password). If somebody gets to know your password, they consequently get your mail and a chance to send from your account to boot.

So, it is important for iCloud Mail passwords to be secure. If you think yours may not be (because you think it is too short  or too easy to guess, for example), updating it is, and we must be thankful for that, easy. Changing passwords periodically is a generally good practice to uphold security (though alone not enough).

Change your iCloud Mail Password

To change the password to your iCloud Mail account:

  1. Open My Apple ID.
  2. Log in using your Apple ID and current iCloud Mail password..
  3. Click Change Password... under PASSWORD in the Security section.
  4. Enter your old iCloud Mail password over current password.
  5. Type your new iCloud Mail password over new password.
  1. Now type the new password again over confirm password.
  2. Click Change Password....

Do not forget to update the passwords in email programs set up to access iCloud Mail.