How to Change Your Gmail Theme

If you're bored with the classic Gmail look, just change the theme

MacBook Pro on a white table with Gmail Themes on the screen 

It's fairly straightforward to change the background (or theme) of your Gmail interface.

Change can be stimulating, and in Gmail, you can make the interface almost as interesting as the emails it holds, or add just a simple backdrop. You can change these themes easily whenever you like.

Options for Gmail themes ready-to-apply include different colors, a high-contrast theme, images (some that can change over time), a 1980s computer terminal, or classic themes like Google's Tea House or Bus Stop.

While you can't add custom background images for your emails, you can add inline images.

Change Your Gmail Theme

To dress Gmail in different colors or apply an image-rich theme:

  1. Click the Settings gear in your Gmail's toolbar.

    Settings in Gmail
  2. Go to the Themes tab.

    Themes tab in Gmail Settings
  3. Click the Themes link.

    Set Theme link in Gmail

Choose the theme that best suits your fancy, or click the Random option to let Google decide for you.

Random theme in Gmail