How to Change Your Gmail Theme

If you're bored with the classic look, pick something else

MacBook Pro on a white table with Gmail Themes on the screen 

Want to add a little pizzazz to your Gmail interface? If so, it's easy to do. A new theme can give you a fresh perspective and add some excitement to your inbox. Options for Gmail themes include different colors, a high-contrast theme, images, a 1980s computer terminal, or Google's Tea House or Bus Stop.

Change Your Gmail Theme

Use these steps to dress Gmail in different colors or apply an image-rich theme:

  1. Open Gmail. In the top-right corner, select the Settings (gear) icon. From the menu, choose Settings.

    Settings in Gmail
  2. On the Settings screen, select Themes.

    Themes tab in Gmail Settings
  3. Select Set theme.

    Set Theme link in Gmail
  4. In the Pick your theme dialog box, browse the themes and choose one you like. Or, select Random to allow Gmail to choose for you. Select Save. The change is effective immediately.

    Random theme in Gmail