How to Change The Sequence of Songs in an iTunes Playlist

Changing the play sequence of songs in an iTunes playlist

Sorting Songs in an iTunes Playlist
Changing the sequence of songs in an iTunes Playlist. Image © Mark Harris - Licensed to, Inc.

Editing iTunes Playlists

When creating a playlist in iTunes you may find that songs aren't always put in the right order. You might for example have a collection of songs that all come from one album. But, for some reason they haven't been added in the correct sequence. In this scenario it makes sense to change the track order to match how they are played on the official album. Similarly, you might have created a custom playlist (mixtape) that contains a selection of songs.

But, now you want to re-order them so they play in a better sequence.

Whatever your reason for wanting to change the order of songs in an iTunes playlist, you'll need to manually sort tracks. Once you've done this iTunes will automatically remember any changes. But, how is this done?

If you've already looked for an option to edit playlists in iTunes, or even tried to drag and drop songs, then you've probably found that the program refuses to budge. However, it's remarkably easy to do when you know how. You'll then be able to sync your edited playlist to a portable player or burn to a CD knowing that all the tracks will be played in the correct sequence.

Find out by following the steps below how to quickly juggle songs in an iTunes playlist to get the right play order.

  1. Switch to library mode if not already viewing your iTunes songs. If you're currently in the iTunes Store and don't know how to switch back, then click the Library button near the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  1. Click on the Playlists sub-menu to view all the playlists in your iTunes library.
  2. In the left menu pane, click the name of the playlist you want to work on.
  3. Click the top of the number column (this is the left-most one). When you do this you should see a down-arrow appear indicating that it has been selected.
  1. To re-order a song in your playlist, click on its title and hold the left-mouse button down. Now drag this track to the correct position in the playlist. Repeat this process if necessary for all the other songs in your playlist that you need to move.

There's no need to worry about iTunes remembering the changes -- it automatically saves any edits you make. You'll now be able to sync the edited playlist to your portable player or burn to CD and the songs will now play in the correct sequence.