How to Change Samsung Gear S2 Bands

Keep that watch looking stylish for every occasion

The Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch is a nice timepiece that also happens to be a fitness tracker. It’s a slim, useful alternative to a fitness band, and since you can change the watch bands on the Gear S2, you can switch it up to match your outfit, be appropriate for any occasion, or just because you’re ready for something new. Changing the bands isn’t difficult, but it is different for a Gear S2 and the Gear S2 Classic.

How to Change the Band on a Samsung Gear S2

Changing the band on your Gear S2 lets you swap out for any available band to suit any of your needs. Initially, however, it might seem you can’t change the bands. That’s because the Samsung Gear S2 bands have a latching mechanism that’s different from the more-standard pin system that most people are familiar with and it can look like part of the watch body.

You can still change the Samsung Gear S2 bands, though, you just have to know how. The mechanism for changing the band is located on the back of the watch.

  1. Start by turning your Gear S2 face down. 

  2. Depress the button at the base of the watch band, where it meets the timepiece.

    The latch mechanism used to change Samsung Gear S2 watch.
  3. Slide the watchband toward the back of the body of the watch. You may need to wiggle it some to get it to let loose, but don't pull the band directly out from the watch. This could cause the mechanism that holds the watch in place to break.

    Be sure the latch release button is fully depressed before trying to remove the band. If you don’t fully depress that button, you won’t be able to get the band off. 

  4. It will be tight, but with firm pressure you should be able to slide the band off. Repeat with the other side of the watch to remove that half of the band.

  5. To install the new band push it straight into the slot until you hear the latching mechanism click into place.

How to Change the Band on the Samsung Gear S2 Classic

The Samsung Gear S2 Classic has a more traditional, pin-style mechanism for changing the band that you’ll find at the base of the watchband, where it connects to the body of the timepiece.

  1. Turn the watch over so the back is facing up and locate the pin at the base of the watch band. 

    The pin mechanism on a Samsung Gear S2 Classic.
  2. Using your fingernail (or thumbnail), push the pin in the direction of the opposite side of the band (where there is no pin).

  3. A spring loaded pin within the watchband connection will depress and you should be able to gently pull the side of the watch where the pin is located away from timepiece.

    Take the Samsung Gear S2 Classic band off one side at a time.

    Do not pull the band straight out from the body of the watch as this could bend the pin.

  4. Once that side is free, the other end of the pin should pull freely from the opposite side of the band. 

  5. Repeat the process with the other side of the band.

  6. On the new watchband, insert the freestanding pin into the appropriate hole in the band connection, and then depress the pin on the opposite end and slide it into place.

  7. Release the pin when the watch is in place, and gently move the watchband around to make sure the pin is engaged. 

  8. Repeat with the other side, and your new watchband is completely installed.