How Do I Change My Wi-Fi Router Password?

Keep your password updated to keep your network secure

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You should change your router, switch, or other network hardware password when your network security is compromised. Before this happens, though, change the password to your router or switch so that these devices don't use the default password the factory set. These default passwords are published and freely available. Here's how to change the password to your router or other network devices.

How to Change Your Router, Switch, or Other Network Hardware Device Password

You can change the password on a router, switch, access point, repeater, or bridge from the Administration, Security, or another page within the administrative console for the device.

The exact steps involved in changing the password can differ from device to device and especially from manufacturer to manufacturer. See how to change the default password on a network router for a tutorial specific to a popular Linksys router. The same general steps apply to most routers, switches, and other network devices.

If you have problems changing the device password and need more specific help, the hardware manufacturer's website should provide specific information for changing the password. Most manufacturers also have downloadable manuals available for each device model they sell which also includes directions for changing the password.

If the default password was changed, but you don't know the new one, then you'll have to reset the device to factory defaults. You can do that by performing a specific sequence of actions on the hardware, details of which you can also find in the device manual.

After you reset the hardware, you can access it with the default login information and then change the password.

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