How to Turn a PDF into a Word Document

A few ways to make that PDF into a Word document (docx)

What to Know

  • In Word: Open PDF file. Select OK from pop-up message. Word will automatically save it as a DOCX file.
  • In Adobe Acrobat: Select PDF file > OK > Export. In Convert to list, select Word > Convert.

This article explains how to convert a PDF file to a Microsoft Word document from either Word or Adobe Acrobat. Instructions in this article apply to Word 2019, Word 2016, Word 2013, and Word for Microsoft 365.

How to Save a PDF as a Word Document (Go from .PDF to .DOC/DOCX)

When a PDF file is mostly text, opening it within Microsoft Word will convert it to a DOCX file automatically.

Once the file is converted, it may not correspond perfectly with the original PDF. For instance, page breaks and line breaks could be different.

  1. Within Microsoft Word, open the PDF file.

  2. A message alerts that Word will convert your PDF to an editable Word document. Select OK.

    word will convert

    If you select Don't Show This Message Again, Word will automatically convert any PDFs you open in the future.

  3. Once the file opens, you can edit, cut, copy, or format the text. Word will automatically save the file as a DOCX file in the default document location.

How to Convert PDF into a Word Document in Adobe Acrobat

Adobe and Microsoft 365 play nicely together. In fact, it's possible to convert a PDF in Adobe Acrobat to a Word document, an Excel worksheet, or even a PowerPoint presentation file.

Converting PDF files to Word documents and other formats is only available in premium versions of Adobe Acrobat.

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat DC.Select the PDF file, then select Open.

  2. Select Export in the left pane to expand the Adobe Export PDF menu.

    export in acrobat
  3. Select Microsoft Word (*.docx) in the Convert to list.

    export to word
  4. Select Convert.

  5. Sign in to your Adobe account if prompted. The converted document will open in Microsoft Word.

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