How to Change Google Backgrounds

Customize your background in Google Chrome and Gmail

Google opened in a web browser on a laptop


Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers available. It has lots of different customization options, including the ability to change the background colors and images to fit your taste. If you want to personalize your web surfing experience, keep reading.

How to Change Google Background

Follow the steps below to learn how to change your Google backgrounds in Chrome.

  1. Access your Chrome browser settings by opening the browser and selecting the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner, then select Settings from the drop-down list.

    Google Chrome web browser menu highlighting Settings option
  2. Under the Appearance section in your Chrome Settings tab, look for Themes listed near the top. If you don't already have a theme installed, you should see Open Chrome Web Store, which you can select.

    Google Chrome web browser settings

    If you have a theme background already and are looking to change it, you'll have to remove it first by selecting Reset to default. Once removed, you should see the Open Chrome Web Store option.

  3. Pick a theme. Look through the Editor's Picks at the top and scroll down through the other groups of themed backgrounds. If you're looking for something specific, use the search bar in the top-left corner. You can also search by category and rating.

    Chrome Web Store
  4. Once you've decided on a theme background, select it, then select the blue Add to Chrome button in the top-right. It's applied to your Chrome web browser automatically.

    Adding a background in the Chrome Web Store
  5. You may notice the colors at the top of your browser change depending on what kind of theme you chose. If not, try opening a new tab or window to see the theme background image and colors.

Try Other Theme Background Extensions for Greater Customization

You can get additional features for your Google background by looking at other third-party Chrome extensions. Just head back into the Chrome Web Store, select Extensions, and use the search bar to look for "backgrounds" or something similar.

Backgrounds in the Chrome Web Store

For example, the extension Live Start Page - Living Wallpapers offers a bunch of extra features that simple Google theme backgrounds do not. In addition to static backgrounds, you can get live wallpaper backgrounds, a relaxing meditation mode, the current weather forecast, a clock, and a to-do list.

When you pick a background extension, all you have to do is select the blue Add to Chrome button.

A new window or tab might open as soon as you add a background extension. If not, you can select the three vertical dots in the upper right of your browser, then select More Tools > Extensions to find the extension so you can enable it, disable it, see its details, or remove it altogether.

Change Your Gmail Theme Background

Did you know you can change your Gmail theme background separately from your Chrome background? Here's how:

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account from a web browser. Select the gear icon in the top right, then select Themes from the drop-down list.

  2. A window of theme images will appear over your inbox. Scroll through them and select any to instantly see them appear as the background.

    A Gmail webpage with a different background
  3. Select the blue Save button when you're happy with your new theme background.

    You can also select Photos in the bottom left to use an existing image in your Google account or upload a new one.