What to Do When Windows Media Player Won't Burn a CD

Solve Audio Cd Burning Problems by Burning Discs at Slow Speed

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Microsoft's software program, Windows Media Player 11, is a popular application for many users who want a central place to organize and listen to a digital music library. In addition to using it for ripping audio CDs to MP3 files, you can also do the reverse — create audio CDs from various digital audio formats stored on your hard drive so you can listen to music on just about any stereo system that has a built-in CD player. Most of the time, creating audio CDs in WMP 11 goes without a hitch, but sometimes things can go wrong resulting in CDs that don't seem to work.

By changing the speed at which discs are written, you can solve this problem in a flash. The quality of blank CDs varies enormously, and poor quality is one of the most common reasons why burned audio CDs suffer from music dropouts or failed burn sessions, so start with a high-quality CD and then change the burn speed of Windows Media Player 11.

Tweaking Windows Media Player 11 Burn Settings

For the best-quality CDs, change the WMP default settings:

  1. Run Windows Media Player 11 as usual. If it is not already in the Library View mode, you can switch to this screen via the keyboard shortcut CTRL + 1.

  2. Click the Tools menu tab at the top of the screen and select the Options menu item. Sometimes this menu bar is switched off in Windows Media Player, and you won't be able to access the Tools menu. To use your keyboard to switch the menu bar back on, use the keyboard shortcut ​CTRL + M.

  3. On the Options screen, click the Burn menu tab.

  4. In the General section of the Burn settings screen, use the drop-down menu to choose a burn speed. Choose the Slow option from the list.

  5. Click Apply and then OK to exit the settings screen.

Verifying New Burn Speed Setting

To see if the settings change solved the problem:

  1. Insert a blank recordable disc into your computer's DVD/CD burner drive.

  2. Click the Burn menu tab near the top of the screen to switch to the disc-burning mode.

  3. Confirm that the type of disc to be burned is set at Audio CD, which is usually the default setting. If you need to change it from Data CD to Audio CD, click on the small down-arrow icon underneath the burn tab and choose Audio CD from the menu list.

  4. Add the songs or playlists that you tried unsuccessfully to burn before.

  5. Click the Start Burn button to begin writing the audio CD.

  6. When Windows Media Player 11 finishes creating the disc, eject it if was not ejected automatically from the drive and then reinsert it to test the CD.