How to Cancel Uber

Don't need a ride after all? Cancel the trip

What to Know

  • Before you're matched with a driver: Tap Finding your ride > Cancel > Yes, cancel.
  • After being matched: Tap the bottom of the screen and then tap Cancel trip > Yes, cancel.
  • Cancel within 2 to 5 minutes (depending on location) to avoid a fee.

This article explains how to cancel the ride you've requested with Uber, both before and after being matched with a driver. But while you are allowed to cancel, you might be charged a cancellation fee.

How to Cancel an Uber Before Being Matched With a Driver

If it's only been a few minutes and your ride hasn't been assigned yet, here's how to cancel it:

  1. Tap Finding your ride.

    A mobile screenshot of the Uber app in the process of cancelling an Uber ride request before being matched with an Uber driver.
  2. Tap Cancel.

  3. Tap Yes, Cancel to confirm.

How to Cancel an Uber Ride After Being Matched With a Driver

Calling off an Uber ride even after a driver has been found is just as easy:

  1. Tap the bottom of your screen, where your driver's information is displayed.

  2. Tap Cancel Trip.

  3. Tap Yes, Cancel to confirm your cancellation.

Uber's Cancellation Policy and Fees

Uber allows you to cancel a ride before and after you've been matched with a driver, but you might be charged a cancellation fee.

You won't be charged a cancellation fee if your driver is at least five minutes late or if Uber can tell the driver isn't on the way to your location.

When Is a Fee Charged?

To avoid being charged a cancellation fee, cancel your ride within five minutes of a driver accepting your request. Some cities require riders to cancel their ride within two minutes of a driver accepting their request to avoid a cancellation fee.

Cancellation fees can occur whether the rider or the driver cancels the ride. If the driver cancels the ride, the fee is usually charged because the driver had to wait longer than five minutes at the pickup location for the rider to show up.

How Much Is a Cancellation Fee?

Uber doesn't list an actual standard amount or range for the cancellation fee on their website. It states the fee can vary depending on the city and the class of the driver's vehicle. Uber's website states the app will show you the fee before you confirm your cancellation.

uberPool riders can also be subject to cancellation fees if they cancel their request after being matched with a driver. They can also be assessed a cancellation fee if the driver cancels after waiting more than two minutes at the pickup location.

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