How to Cancel Tidal

The best way to ditch your Tidal subscription

There's been a long-running joke about music fans utilizing Tidal's 30-day free trial just to access exclusive content with plans to cancel the subscription before they are charged. For whatever reason, if the Jay-Z backed music service doesn't work for you, you'll want to know how to cancel your Tidal subscription.

It's always best to cancel a subscription service like Tidal a day or so before your free trial is up or before your next billing cycle starts. This helps you avoid accruing any unintended fees and may give you a little bit of time to troubleshoot the cancelation if any issues arise.

Tidal free trial
Tidal free trial.

How to Cancel Tidal From Your Web Browser

This method will likely be the easiest for most users. It's straightforward, and it can be done from just about any device, regardless of where you installed Tidal or how you're using it.

  1. Visit

  2. Enter your login credentials, which are the email used to create the account and password.

  3. Select Subscription.

  4. Select Cancel My Subscription. Tidal will then ask you if you're sure you want to cancel. Confirm to close your account.

How to Cancel Tidal From the Mobile App

It's a safe bet that a good number of people with a Tidal subscription are using the mobile app. You can cancel your account from the app too, and it's nearly as simple as in a browser.

  1. Log in to your Tidal account in the app, if you haven't already.

  2. Select My Collection.

  3. Then, locate Settings, and select that next.

  4. Under the Settings, choose My Profile followed by Manage Subscription.

  5. On the subscription management screen, find and press Subscription.

  6. Finally, select Cancel Subscription to end your Tidal subscription.

How to Cancel Tidal Through Apple Wallet/iTunes

Because subscription management is built into iOS, this method is ideal for those using an iPhone, iPad or even an iPod touch. Using this method, iOS users don't have to log in to their Tidal account or Tidal app.

  1. Access Settings on your iPhone/iPad. Select your name.

  2. Next, choose Subscriptions.

    If you don't see Subscriptions, choose iTunes & AppStore. Then, select your Apple ID followed by View Apple ID. Sign in, and scroll down to select Subscriptions from there.

  3. Select the Tidal subscription option.

  4. Select, and confirm Cancel Subscription.

How to Cancel Tidal Through Sprint

Sprint users are able to get up to six months of Tidal service for free when purchasing the network's Unlimited Plus plan. Users can cancel their subscription through one of the above-mentioned methods, using the Tidal website or app, or Apple Wallet or iTunes. With this method, your Tidal account will be active until the end of your current payment period with Sprint.

It may be easier for Sprint users to cancel their connected Tidal service through their MySprint profile. This will remove the account not only from Tidal's services but Sprint's as well.

Users can also contact Sprint Customer Support and speak to a live representative if any issues may arise while trying to cancel their id

  1. Log into your MySprint account.

  2. Select your device, and choose Change my services.

  3. Scroll down and select Tidal.

  4. Select unsubscribe.