How to Cancel PlayStation Plus

Get out of your PS Plus account with ease

What to Know

  • Navigate to the Sony Entertainment account management site > select Subscription.
  • Find PlayStation Plus subscription > Turn Off Auto-Renew > Confirm.
  • You can also cancel your subscription using a PlayStation console.

This article explains how to cancel your PlayStation Plus subscription using either a web browser or a PlayStation console.

How to Cancel PS Plus

The easiest way to cancel PlayStation Plus is through the Sony Entertainment Network account management site. This process can be accomplished on any computer or mobile device that has a web browser and access to the internet, so you don't even need to have access to your PlayStation.

You can't immediately cancel a PlayStation Plus subscription or receive a partial refund. The only way to effectively cancel your subscription is to turn off auto renewal.

Here's how to cancel PlayStation Plus through the Sony Entertainment Network website:

  1. Navigate to the Sony Entertainment account management site and select Subscription.

    The Subscription heading
  2. Locate your PlayStation Plus subscription, and select Turn Off Auto-Renew.

    The Turn Off Auto-Renew button on PS
  3. Select Confirm.

    The Confirm window

How to Cancel PlayStation Plus Using a PlayStation 4

If you still have access to the console you used to sign up for PlayStation Plus, and it's connected to the internet, you can cancel your membership directly through the account settings menu on the console.

Here's how to cancel PlayStation Plus using a PlayStation 4:

  1. Select Settings.

    A screenshot of the PS4 home screen.
  2. Select Account Management.

    A screenshot of PS4 settings.
  3. Select Account Information.

    A screenshot of PS4 Account Management.
  4. Select PlayStation Subscriptions.

    A screenshot of PS4 Account Information.
  5. Select your PlayStation Plus subscription.

    A screenshot of PlayStation Subscriptions on PS4.
  6. Select Turn Off Auto-Renew.

    A screenshot of the PS4 PS Plus cancellation screen.
  7. Select Yes.

    A screenshot of the PS Plus cancellation confirmation screen.

How to Cancel PlayStation Plus on a PS5 Console

The instructions to cancel your account on a PS5 are similar to those on a PS4, but things are in slightly different places. Here's what to do.

  1. From the Home screen, select Settings in the upper-right corner.

    The Settings icon on a PS5
  2. Choose Users and Accounts.

    Users and Accounts in PS5 Settings
  3. Highlight Account in the left pane (you'll be there by default), and then select Payment and Subscriptions on the right.

    "Payments and Subscriptions" in PS5 settings
  4. Choose Subscriptions.

    "Subscriptions" in PS5 Payment and Subscription settings
  5. Go to PlayStation Plus.

    PlayStation Plus under Subscriptions settings
  6. Select Turn Off Auto-Renew.

    The "Turn Off Auto-Renew" button on a PS5
  7. Confirm your choice, and your membership will not renew. It will, however, still be active until the day shown on the Next renewal date line above.

    The "Next Renewal Date" line on a PlayStation Plus account screen

What Happens When You Cancel PlayStation Plus?

When you cancel PlayStation Plus, you actually turn off the auto renewal feature. The subscription isn't cancelled immediately, but it will be effectively cancelled the next time it comes up for renewal.

Cancelling PlayStation Plus has a handful of consequence:

  • You lose access to your free games: Free PS Plus games are only available if you have an active subscription. You can't access these games as long as your subscription is cancelled.
  • You can no longer play multiplayer games online: With the exception of a handful of games like Final Fantasy XIV, you can only play offline games.
  • You lose access to your cloud save files: If you've used the cloud save feature, your cloud saves will no longer be available. You can only access save data that's stored on your console.
  • You can't use the Game Catalog or Classics Catalog: If you have an Extra or Deluxe membership to PlayStation Plus, you'll lose access to its libraries once your membership expires.

Cancelling your PlayStation Plus subscription doesn't cancel or delete your PlayStation Network account. You retain your PSN ID, saved game files, trophies, and any digital games and downloadable content (DLC) you purchased through the PlayStation Store.

Other than that, you can continue using your PlayStation to play games offline using your locally-stored save files.

If you renew your subscription at any time in the future, you immediately regain access to all PlayStation Plus features, including your entire library of free games.

  • If you had access to a game through PlayStation Plus prior to cancelling your subscription, you'll regain access to that game upon renewing your subscription even if months or years have passed.

If you used the PlayStation Plus Online Storage to transfer your save data to the cloud, make sure to retrieve your save files before you cancel PlayStation Plus. After you cancel, you'll no longer have access to this feature.

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