How to Cancel MoviePass

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MoviePass is a subscription service that's drummed up a bit of controversy for its practices. The service is supposed to allow subscribers to see a new movie in theaters every day for around $10 per month. However, several added fees and bad user experience issues have caused many subscribers to want to cancel the service, only to find its cancellation method more challenging than its pricing scheme. But canceling MoviePass can be easy, if you follow the proper steps. Read on to learn how to cancel a MoviePass account.

How to Cancel a MoviePass Account

  1. Login to your MoviePass account via the iOS or Android app.

    Users cannot cancel MoviePass from the website.

  2. Select the Account tab at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Select Account Details.

    MoviePass account details
    MoviePass account details.
  4. Select Plan & Billing.

    MoviePass Plan & Billing
    MoviePass Plan & Billing.
  5. Select Cancel, then select the Reason for cancellation drop-down option.

    MoviePass Reason for cancelation
    MoviePass Reason for cancelation.
  6. This is where many users may find an issue with the cancellation process. Including a reason for cancellation is required to complete the process. The Cancel Subscription option won't highlight until you select a reason, which includes: theater selection, ease of use, lack of use, and other. There is also an optional additional comments section, but you don't have to fill that out.

  7. Once you've chosen a reason to cancel, select Cancel Membership.

    MoviePass Cancel
    MoviePass Cancel.
  8. Select Cancel Membership again when the warning pop-up appears.

    MoviePass cancel
    MoviePass cancel.
  9. Select OK to confirm the cancellation.

Once MoviePass is canceled, your account will remain active until the end of the current billing period. Once that time is passed and the account is fully closed you won't be able to manually reactivate your account for at least nine months.

How to Ensure Your MoviePass Subscription is Canceled

Though MoviePass has time constraints about when you can reactivate your account, the service has a number of smoke and mirrors that may leave you paranoid as to whether you've actually canceled your account in the first place.

MoviePass confirm cancelation
MoviePass confirm cancelation.

Many services allow users to go into their account settings and see a confirmation of their cancellation or it'll send a confirmation email proving the account has been closed. MoviePass does not follow any of these methods.

Currently, the easiest way to confirm a MoviePass cancelation is to follow the aforementioned steps again. If your account has actually been canceled you'll receive a pop-up notice stating you've already canceled your account.

You can further test to ensure your MoviePass account has been canceled by attempting to login to the account after the billing period is over. If you get a notice stating your MoviePass account is no longer active, then you can rest assured that the account is fully closed.

After this, don't select reactivate your account. To keep your account closed, log out of the MoviePass app and delete the app from your phone or tablet for safe measure.

Don't Accidentally Reactivate Your MoviePass Subscription

Once you've canceled your MoviePass account, it's best to not use the service again, even if you still have time in your billing period. Some subscribers have found that continuing to use the service has triggered pop-up deals to tantalize them to reactivate their accounts. If you get any of these pop-up offers in the app, read them carefully and realize it is likely a re-subscription offer.

If you have any further issues with your MoviePass account you can contact MoviePass customer service at 877-646-2892 or 646-400-0801.