How to Cancel Your Hulu Subscription

Done? No problem - it's easy to cancel or hold a subscription

With so many video streaming services to choose from, it's rare finding a person who subscribes to everything. If you've tried Hulu and decided it's not for you, canceling your Hulu subscription is generally pretty easy, though the steps are different depending on how you subscribed.

It can get a little trickier if you signed up for Hulu through another subscription, like those offered by a phone or cable company, or have added subscriptions to other services through your Hulu account.

Mouse cursor clicking a Hulu Cancel button
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No matter how you subscribed, this article provides step-by-step instructions on how to cancel your Hulu subscription.

Even if you're just using a free trial rather than a full subscription, you can still cancel a Hulu free trial using the instructions in this article.

How to Cancel Hulu on the Web

One of the simplest and most direct ways to cancel your Hulu subscription is to go to

  1. Go to

  2. If you're not already logged in, select Log In in the top corner and log in.

  3. Select your name in the top right corner.

  4. Select Account.

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Cancel.

  6. Select Continue to Cancel.

    Hulu will also offer to suspend your subscription temporarily and not charge you.

  7. If you choose to cancel, Hulu will ask why you're doing so. Choose the option that best explains your reason, then select Continue to Cancel.

    screenshot: cancel hulu on the web
    One step in the process of cancelling Hulu on the web.
  8. Hulu works hard to keep you an active subscriber, so it will provide additional offers to keep you around. If you still want to cancel, select No, Cancel Subscription and your Hulu subscription will end.

You'll maintain access to Hulu through the end of the billing period for which you've already paid; this is usually a month long.

How to Cancel Hulu on iPhone and Android

Strangely enough, while you can subscribe to Hulu on an iPhone, you can't unsubscribe using one; the Hulu app for iPhone just tells you to use the website to manage your subscription.

On the other hand, you've got full access to managing your subscription on the Android version of the Hulu app.

screenshot: cancelling hulu on iphone and android

To cancel Hulu on Android open the app and tap the Account button, then tap the Account menu. From there, the instructions are the same as steps 5-8 in the previous section.

How to Cancel Hulu in iTunes

It's possible to subscribe to Hulu via iTunes, using your Apple ID. In this scenario, rather than paying Hulu directly, you instead tie your Hulu subscription to your Apple ID and use whatever credit or debit card is on file in iTunes for payment.

In that case, you manage your subscription through your Apple ID, not Hulu directly, by following these steps:

  1. Open iTunes.

  2. Select the Account menu.

  3. Select View My Account.

  4. Log into your Apple ID, if prompted.

  5. On the Account Information screen, scroll down to the Settings section.

  6. Select Manage next to Subscriptions.

  7. Select Edit next to Hulu.

    screenshot: cancel hulu in itunes
    If you subscribed to Hulu via iTunes, you can cancel from there, too.
  8. Select Cancel Subscription.

  9. In the pop-up window, select Confirm. This cancels your subscription at the end of the current billing period.

How to Cancel Hulu on Playstation 4 and Xbox

Along with their great gaming features, video game systems like the Playstation 4 and Xbox also provide video streaming apps, including Hulu.

If you subscribed to Hulu on your PS4, follow these steps to cancel:

  1. Go to Settings, then Account Management, then Account Information.

  2. Select Playstation Subscriptions.

    screenshot: playstation subscription
    You can manage service subscriptions on Playstation, too.
  3. Select Hulu.

  4. Select Turn Off Auto-Renew.

The process on Xbox is pretty similar:

  1. Select Settings, then Account, then Subscriptions.

  2. Select Hulu and press the A button.

  3. In the Payment and billing section, select Cancel Subscription.

  4. Follow the onscreen prompts to confirm the cancellation.

How to Cancel Hulu with Phone Company

Other video streaming services and related companies — like phone or cable providers — let you subscribe to Hulu as an add-on to their normal services. If you subscribed to Hulu in this way, you'll need to cancel your Hulu subscription from your account with those providers. Log into that account, or contact that provider, to cancel.

How to Cancel HBO, Showtime, or Other Add-Ons to Hulu

In addition to the core Hulu service, you can subscribe to HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax as part of your monthly Hulu bill.

You may decide you want to cancel one or more of these add-ons while holding onto your main Hulu subscription. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Go to

  2. If you're not already logged in, select Log In in the top corner and log in.

  3. Select your name in the top right corner.

  4. In the Subscription section, look for any add-ons. Select Manage next to the add-on you want to cancel.

  5. On the Manage Your Subscription page, scroll down to the add-on you want to cancel. Select the You Have This button so it changes to You Want to Remove This.

    screenshot: cancel Hulu add-on subscriptions
    Cancel add-on subscriptions while retaining the core Hulu service.
  6. Click Review Changes.

  7. Double check the proposed change and select Confirm to cancel.