How to Cancel ESPN Plus

Deactivate your streaming subscription

screenshot of ESPN+ streaming service

The ESPN+ streaming service provides access to live events from multiple sports and leagues, including MLB, MLS, NBA, the NHL, a number of global soccer and tennis options, and boxing and UFC matches. But there may be times during the year, or even just in general when you're no longer interested in ESPN+. The steps below walk you through how to cancel your subscription.

The cancellation instructions below are applicable no matter which device(s) or platform(s) you utilize to stream ESPN+ content.

How to Cancel ESPN+

Unlike some subscription services, you can cancel your ESPN subscription pretty easily. Follow these steps to end your service:

New subscribers are offered a 7-day free trial of ESPN+, after which your preferred payment method is automatically billed each month or year, depending on your plan. If you cancel your account prior to the trial period expiring, you won't be charged.

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to the ESPN+ website, logging in with your name and password if needed.

    screenshot of ESPN+ website
  2. If you’re using a computer, hover your mouse cursor over the Menu icon, represented by a silhouette and located in the upper right-hand corner of the page. If you’re on a tablet or smartphone, tap the Menu icon.

    screenshot of ESPN+ menu
  3. When the pop-out menu appears, select ESPN+ Subscription.

  4. Select Manage.

    screenshot of ESPN+ Subscriptions screen
  5. You should now see your subscription details. Scroll down, if necessary, then select Cancel Subscription.

    screenshot of ESPN+ subscription details

    Your account remains active until the end of the current billing cycle or 7-day free trial period if you haven't been charged for a month. Accessing ESPN+ content during this time won't cause your subscription to be renewed.

  6. You’re now asked if you’re sure you want to cancel your subscription. Select Finish.

    screenshot of ESPN+ subscription cancellation process
  7. A message should appear noting your ESPN+ subscription has been canceled. You'll also receive a confirmation email.

Other ESPN+ Cancellation Methods

There are other ways to cancel your ESPN+ service if you don’t want to use the method above:

  • Email: Send an email to containing your account details along with your cancellation request. It should be sent from the email account used to create your ESPN+ account and should contain all pertinent details, with the exception of your password and credit card number, if applicable.
  • Phone: You can also cancel your subscription the old fashioned way by calling 1-800-727-1800.

How to Reactivate Your ESPN+ Account

After cancellation, your account information remains intact for an indefinite period, allowing you to quickly reactivate it at a later date. Simply follow the steps above until you’re prompted to reinstate your subscription, confirming the desired plan and payment details.