How to Cancel Audible

If you're not really into it, you can back out of it pretty easily

What to Know

  • Log in to the Audible website from a desktop browser. Select Hi [your name] > Account Details.
  • Choose View membership details if it isn't open. At the bottom of the Your Membership section, select Cancel membership.
  • Review your account information and select No thanks, continue canceling.

This article explains how to cancel an Audible subscription. It also includes information on how to pause your subscription rather than cancel it.

How to Cancel Audible Membership

It's easy to cancel an Audible membership, no matter what your reason for doing so. You keep all the books you've already purchased and can still buy Audible books at full price. You won't be able to return any books after you cancel, and you lose any existing credits on your account that you haven't used.

You must cancel your account from a desktop browser. Here's how.

  1. Log in to the Audible website.

  2. Select Hi, [your name], and then select Account Details.

    The Account Details option
  3. Select View membership details if you're not taken directly to that page.

    The View Membership Details heading
  4. At the bottom of the Your membership section, select Cancel membership.

    The Cancel Membership option
  5. The following page shows your unused credits, which you lose if you cancel. Select Keep membership if you decide to keep your account. If you're still willing to move forward, select No thanks, continue canceling to finalize your cancellation.

    Cancellation options on Audible

Once you cancel your subscription, you still have the ability to start it up again, though you'd technically be starting a new one. However, you won't be offered a free trial if you've already had one associated with your account, so you won't be able to pick up another free book.

What Canceling Your Audible Subscription Means

Canceling your Audible subscription means you are no longer charged $14.95 per month, and you no longer receive the monthly credit that grants you one audiobook. However, you will:

  • Retain access to the books you've purchased.
  • Be able to purchase audiobooks from Audible or Amazon at full price.
  • Receive Audible books as gifts from others.

The only benefit you'll lose is the ability to return your audiobooks. Make sure you handle any returns or exchanges prior to canceling your membership.

How to Pause Audible Membership

If you've amassed a stockpile of audiobooks and just need some time to get caught up, or you're starting to accumulate credits and can't find anything to use them on, you can pause your membership instead of canceling it entirely.

  1. To pause your subscription, you'll need to contact customer service directly using the form on Audible's Contact Us page.

  2. In response to the first question, select My Account.

    The "My Account" option
  3. Select Pause Membership from the dropdown menu that appears as part of the second step.

    The "Pause Membership" option
  4. Select Chat, Phone, or Email to send the request.

Pausing your Audible membership will hold your monthly charges for up to three months, but you won't receive any Audible credits during that time. When your membership restarts at the end of that period, you'll automatically start receiving credits again, as well as paying the monthly subscription charges.

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