How to Stream Your Broadcast on Your PS4

Let others watch you play and learn from the master!

Man streaming gameplay from his PlayStation 4.

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When you're good, you're good, and you should absolutely show it off. Here's how to broadcast on PS4 to Twitch, Youtube, and more. 

Streaming video over the internet is fun and can be a lucrative career if leveraged the right way. However, take care not to give your real name or address to viewers, and make sure nothing in the stream gives away too much personal information. Make sure all mail is cleaned up and nothing in the background reveals your location. 

Link Your PlayStation 4 Account With YouTube

Before you begin fragging lesser players for the entire world to see, you first need to link your PlayStation and YouTube accounts. 

  1. From the main Playstation menu, go to Settings > Account Management > Link with Other Services.

  2. Select YouTube from the list of options, then select Sign In from the screen that appears.

  3. This will open the PS4's web browser. Enter your Google/YouTube login information.

    If you have two-step authentication enabled, you will need to enter the verification code on the next screen. Two-step verification may also require you to authenticate your account when you try to broadcast gameplay for the first time.

  4. Select the YouTube account you want to use. 

  5. When you've finished this process, you'll receive a confirmation screen that reads, "Your SEN account is now linked to your YouTube account." 

Link Your PlayStation 4 Account With Twitch

Like YouTube, you need to link your Twitch account to your PlayStation Network account before you begin streaming

  1. From the main Playstation menu, go to Settings > Account Management > Link with Other Services.

  2. Select Twitch from the list of options, then select Sign In from the screen that appears.

  3. Open on a mobile device or laptop and enter the code on the right side of the screen. If you haven't yet created a Twitch account, you'll need to do so here.

  4. After you enter the code, your PlayStation 4 will automatically move you to the next screen and display the message, "Your SEN account is now linked to your Twitch account." You will also see a message shown on your computer or mobile device confirming the linked accounts. 

While you can link your Twitter account to your PlayStation Network account, you cannot stream live gameplay to it. You can upload clips and screenshots, however.

How to Broadcast on PS4

Now that your accounts are linked, it's time to brush off your controller and freshen your skills. Here's how to stream on PS4 to the channel of your choice. 

  1. Boot up the game you want to play. Unless you have an established fanbase, choosing a new, popular game or one with an established multiplayer base will earn you the most viewers. 

  2. Press the Share button on the left side of your controller. 

  3. Select Broadcast Gameplay.

  4. Select the channel you want to broadcast on.

  5. You'll be presented with a series of options on the right side of the screen. Select the ones you want to use, including whether or not to stream video from your PlayStation Camera. If you don't have a camera you can still broadcast gameplay.

  6. Give your stream a title.

  7. Select the quality of the stream. Options on Twitch range from 540p Standard to 720p High. Options on YouTube range from 360p Standard to 720p High.

  8. If streaming on YouTube, you'll have the option to include Tags, making it easier for viewers to find you through search terms. 

  9. Select Start Broadcasting.

  10. Congratulations! You're now streaming gameplay and showing off your skills to the world at large.

If this is your first time streaming on YouTube, you may be required to wait up to 24 hours before you broadcast. 

When you begin broadcasting, viewers will be able to see your screen and everything you do, although there will likely be a two to three-second delay. This delay is normal and helps to mitigate audio and video issues caused by lag, and also stops anyone from stream-sniping you.

If you have a microphone plugged in and the option selected, you can also speak directly to your viewers. They can hear any frustrated exclamations you might make if the game turns against you, so be careful! Twitch and YouTube take family-friendly ratings seriously. 

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