How to Bookmark 'Compose Mail' in Gmail

Book with multiple bookmarks
JamieB / Getty Images

Gmail's web interface is slick, fast and a bit secretive. Whatever you do, the address bar likes to stay the same. Sure, you can bookmark your Gmail inbox easily by creating a shortcut to "", but what about other pages? What about a shortcut to starting a new message?

Fortunately, Gmail is not as stubborn as it is secretive, and setting up a shortcut to the Compose Mail page in your browser is not directly difficult.

Bookmark "Compose Mail" in Gmail

To set up a bookmark for composing mail in Gmail:

You might notice your Gmail Labels not loading fully when you go to the Compose Mail shortcut. They are not gone, however, and will return when the message has been sent.

Any Gmail label or folder can be bookmarked in a similar manner.