How to Block Spoofing Calls

Get those neighbor spoofing phone calls to stop

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Until recently, you'd know when you're getting a call from a telemarketer if the phone number is located from some other state far away. However, telemarketers are getting more advanced by spoofing the incoming number so it appears to come from your local area. Fortunately, you can learn how to block spoofing calls using technology built into your phone, or with specific apps.

How to Block Spoofing Calls Using Call Control

Because the incoming spoofing call comes with a local area code, most robocall call blocker apps won't be effective in blocking spoofing calls.

Thankfully, there's a call blocker app called Call Control that comes preloaded with a massive database of known spam phone numbers. Any incoming call that comes from any of those numbers, including spoofing calls, are blocked by the app.

Screenshot of Call Blocker app

You'll see all calls show up color-coded, with potential spoofing or spam callers appearing in red.

To quickly add new spam callers to Call Control's Community IQ database, tap the + symbol and use any of the following methods:

  • Type in the complete phone number to block.
  • Use a wildcard symbol to block all calls from a specific area code.
  • Block a number from your recent calls list.
  • Block a number from your recent messages list.

With other apps, blocking spoofing calls would be difficult because spammers simply rotate through a list of local numbers they use to call people in your area. But with the Community IQ database, all of those numbers will be reported by other people in your area who are also receiving spoofing calls.

Screenshot of Call Control app features

There are also a number of other useful features embedded with the Call Control app, including:

  • One tap Do Not Disturb.
  • See all activity from other users who've recently reported spam calls.
  • Backup or restore your device contact list and call or message activity.
  • Force a database synchronize to get the latest spam list.

All of these features make Call Control a good app to use as your default phone and messaging app.

Block Spoofed Calls by Signing up With the Do Not Call Registry

Whether or not you use an app like Call Control to block spoofing calls, it's always a good idea to register your phone number with the national Do Not Call Registry.

For the few spam callers that don't respect the registry, adding them to the Call Control CommunityIQ database and reporting them to the Do Not Call Registry could do the trick. You can also visit the Federal Trade Commission's Complaint Assistant page to file an official report.

  1. From your browser, go to the national Do Not Call Registry website, then select Register Your Phone.

    Register Your Phone button on Do Not Call Registry website
  2. Fill out the registration form, which requires your phone number and email address to confirm your identity.

    Registration details on Do Not Call website
  3. Once submitted, you'll immediately notice a dramatic reduction in telemarketer calls. They won't stop completely, but the majority of spam callers respect the national Do Not Call Registry since they could face legal issues with the government if they call phone numbers that are registered.

Other Ways to Block Neighbor Spoofing & Fake Caller ID Numbers

There are a few other things you can do to reduce the possibility of spoofing calls interrupting your life.

Avoid Answering Calls From Unknown Callers

Just get into the habit of reviewing the phone number of all incoming calls. Even if the Call Control app doesn't recognize it as a spoofing call, if it's not a number already listed in your contacts list, or a number you don't recognize, always send the call to voicemail. Telemarketers rarely leave a voicemail, so if the call is an important one, the caller will almost always leave a message.

Refuse to Do Business Over the Phone

Even if the caller claims they are from your bank or credit card company, never provide personal information to any caller over the phone. If they're requesting a bill payment, just state it's your personal policy not to provide information over the phone, and instead offer to make the payment using the company's official website. If the caller insists, just hang up.

Block Incoming Calls From Specific Phone Numbers 

Both Android and iPhone now allow you to block numbers directly from your phone. You can find the Blocked Numbers feature in your Settings and add specific numbers to block.

Blocked numbers button in Android Settings

Many people say it isn't worth blocking spoofing calls because companies rotate through numbers from your local area code. However, if you block enough of those incoming numbers often enough, you can eventually reduce or completely remove the number of available local numbers they can call you from.