How to Block Someone on Skype

Stop others from bothering you

Skype on a desktop
Skype on a desktop.

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Skype is a great way for people to communicate, but users may decide they want to limit communications with others. For this, Skype has a block option.

When users block a person on Skype, the other person will likely not realize they've been blocked because users will always appear offline to them. Until they're unblocked, chat messages and calls will go unanswered.

How to Block Someone on Skype for Windows, Mac, Linux and on the Web

Skype as unified its desktop interface across all platforms, including the web. Thankfully, this has made the process of navigating Skype and ultimately blocking someone a whole lot simpler.

  1. Right click on the contact that you want to block. This can either be under the Contacts tab or in your recent conversations.

    Skype right click contact
  2. A menu will pop up. Choose View Profile from it.

  3. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the person's profile. The last item on the list will be Block contact. Press it.

    Skype profile block contact
  4. A new window will open up asking if you want to block the person. At the top, you can use the slider switch to report abuse. Then, press Block to confirm blocking the person.

    Skype block contact
  5. Blocked contacts will immediately be removed from your chats and your contact list.

How to Block Someone on Skype for Android and iOS

On the Skype mobile app, the process for blocking a contact differs slightly based on whether or not the person is in your recent conversations.

If the person is on your list of recent contacts/conversations:

  1. Long press the person's name in Chats. This will reveal a pop-up menu.

    Skype mobile open profile
  2. From the resulting menu, you can either select View Profile or Block. Bock will get you where you need to go faster, but both are equally effective.

  3. If you went the View Profile route, scroll to the bottom of the profile page, and select Block contact.

    Skype mobile block contact from conversation
  4. A new modal window will pop up, letting you report abuse or just press Block to make it final.

  5. The person’s name will be removed from the recent contacts list upon blocking.

If the person is only in your contacts:

  1. Select Contacts in the bottom-left corner of the screen to bring up contacts.

    Skype mobile contacts profile
  2. Search for the person within your list of contacts

  3. Long press the person’s name to display a pop-up menu.

  4. Select View Profile. This will reveal a popup of the person's profile.

  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the profile.

  6. Select Block contact. This will reveal another pop-up, asking to confirm the action.

    Skype mobile block contact
  7. The person’s name will be removed from the contacts list upon blocking.

How to Block Someone on Skype for Business

To block someone in Skype for Business, you must have them as a contact in outlook.

If the person is not a saved contact:

  1. Go to Outlook, select New Items in the upper-left corner, then Contacts.

  2. This will bring up a contact form to fill out. Enter the phone number you wish to block, a name for the contact, and an email address.

  3. The email address can be a dummy email, such as, but is required to show up later in Skype.

  4. Select Save and close the contact window.

    Skype for Business and Outlook screenshot
    Skype for Business and Outlook.  Lifewire

Once you have the contact saved to Outlook, you can block a contact by doing the following:

  1. Open Skype.

  2. Select contacts in Skype and search for the contact name in the search bar.

  3. Highlight the contact and press the Ctrl key, then tap your trackpad or right-click to display a drop-down menu.

  4. Highlight Change Privacy Relationship.

  5. Select Blocked Contacts. This will reveal a pop-up asking you to confirm the action.

  6. The person's name will have a red stop icon next to it upon blocking.