How to Block Someone on Skype

Stop others from bothering you on Microsoft's messaging platform

What to Know

  • From the Chats or Contacts tab, right-click or tap and hold the contact you want to block > select View profile.
  • Select Block contact and click through the window prompts.

This article explains how to block a contact on Skype and Skype for Business. Instructions apply to Skype on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and the web.

How to Block Someone on Skype

Skype unified its desktop interface across all platforms, including the web. This harmonization makes the process of blocking someone a lot simpler. Here's how to do it:

Blocking a contact prevents them from calling or sending you messages. People who are blocked won't realize it because you appear offline to them.

  1. From the Chats or Contacts tab, right-click or tap and hold the contact you want to block, then select View profile.

    View Profile command in Skype
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the profile window and select Block contact.

    On a desktop, you can also select the Edit button then select Block contact.

    Block Contact command in Skype
  3. From the Block this contact? window, to block someone without reporting abuse, select Block.

  4. Once you block the contact, they are removed from your chats and contact list.

If you get an unwanted call from an unknown phone number, you can block it from the chat. Select the Block + the number link to block that number.

How to Block Someone on Skype for Business

Since Skype for Business is integrated with other Office apps, you may need to add someone as a contact in Outlook before you can block them. If the person is not a saved contact:

  1. Go to Outlook, select New Items in the upper-left corner, then choose Contacts.

  2. In the contact form, enter the phone number you wish to block, a name for the contact, and an email address.

  3. The email address can be a dummy email, such as, but is required to show up later on Skype.

  4. Select Save and close the contact window.

After the contact is saved to Outlook, you can block it by doing the following:

  1. While in Skype, select Contacts and use the search bar to search for the contact name.

  2. Highlight the contact, press the Ctrl key, then tap the trackpad or right-click to display a drop-down menu.

  3. Highlight Change Privacy Relationship.

  4. Select Blocked Contacts to reveal a pop-up menu that asks you to confirm the action.

  5. The person's name displays a red stop icon next to it upon blocking.

You can always unblock a contact if you want to start seeing their calls and chat messages again.

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