How to Block Someone on Instagram

Take a break from an annoying friend or account

What to Know

  • Block in Instagram app: Go to account page > tap three dots > Block > Block > Dismiss.
  • Block in browser: Go to account page > tap three dots > Block this user > Block.
  • Unblock: Go to blocked account page > tap three dots > Unblock.

This article explains how to block users on Instagram to prevent them from seeing or interacting with your posts. Instructions apply to the Instagram app on both Apple and Android devices, as well as Instagram on a web browser.

How to Block Someone Using the Instagram App

Blocking an Instagram user means they won't be able to locate your profile, posts, or Instagram story. They won't be notified that you blocked them, but they can find out with a little detective work. While they can mention your username in their posts, these mentions aren't displayed in your Activity stream. Here's how to block another user:

  1. Download and open the Instagram app on your iOS or Android device.

  2. Find and load the profile of the user account you want to block.

    To find the account, use the search function or tap the account's username from anywhere in the Instagram app, including your list of followers.

  3. Tap Menu (three dots), located in the upper-right corner of the screen.

  4. Tap Block.

    The menu button and Block option in Instagram
  5. A confirmation box explains what happens when you block the account. Tap Block to proceed.

  6. You'll see a message that the account is blocked. Tap Dismiss to finish the process.

  7. To unblock the account, return to its page, tap menu, and then select Unblock.

    Blocking an account on Instagram

    If the person has a private account, you'll have to request to follow them again.

How to Block Someone Using a Web Browser

If you don't have the app available or use a platform that doesn't support it, you can block someone from the Instagram website.

  1. Open a browser, navigate to the Instagram website, and find and load the profile of the user or account you want to block.

  2. In the upper-right corner of the screen, tap Menu (three dots).

    The More menu on Instagram
  3. Select Block this user from the pop-up menu.

    The Block This User command in Instagram
  4. Select Block to confirm.

    The Block command on Instagram
  5. Select Dismiss to complete the process.

    The Dismiss command after blocking an account on Instagram
  6. To unblock the account, return to its page and select Unblock.

    The Unblock button on Instagram
  • How do you deactivate your Instagram account?

    To deactivate your Instagram account, log in to Instagram on a web browser. Select your profile picture > Edit Profile > tap Temporarily disable my account and follow the prompts.

  • How do you change your password on Instagram?

    To change your password, go to the log-in screen and tap Forgot Password. Enter your email address, phone number, or username and select Reset Password. Check the email or phone number associated with your account for a link to reset your password and follow the steps.

  • How do you mute someone on Instagram?

    To mute an Instagram account, go to their page and select Following > Mute. You can choose to silence posts or stories.

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