How to Block a Sender in iCloud Mail

Stop spam once and for all

In iCloud Mail, you can have messages from certain senders trashed automatically.

Why Would You Want to Block a Sender?

Have you ever subscribed to a newsletter only to find you never read it — and unsubscribing does not seem to stop it? Do you have a distant relative (or ex-coworker) who forwards around 648 jokes every day, and that is all they send — and talks, though getting ever more serious, have done nothing to stop them? Is somebody harassing you by email on occasion (obviously mistaking you for someone you absolutely are not) — and all your hints about their erring ways have done little to stop that?

An iCloud Mail Rule to the Rescue

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You may be able to stop all this, or at least the emails from showing up in your inbox. With a simple rule easily created, iCloud Mail can move new emails from unwanted senders to the Trash folder automatically. There, they will automatically be deleted, and you never need to see them.

Block a Sender in iCloud Mail

To send messages from a certain sender to the trash automatically in iCloud Mail (using

  1. Open a message from the sender you want to block if possible. You can block an address without a message from it at hand and open, of course; setting up the rule to perform the block will be easier with an email open, though.

  2. Make sure the folder list is visible in iCloud Mail at If you do not see a list of mailboxes to the left, press Show Mailboxes () at the top of the message list.

  3. Select the Show Actions Menu gear icon () at the folder list's bottom.

  4. Select Rules… from the menu that appears.

  5. Press Add a Rule... .

  6. Make sure the criterion for the new filter reads If a message is from.

  7. Enter the email address you want to block underneath. If you had a message from the sender open at the beginning, their email address has been entered automatically.

  8. Make sure Move to Trash is selected under Then.

  9. Press Done.

  10. Press Done again.

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