How to Become Famous on Tumblr

5 tips to get more followers, likes and reblogs

Tumblr login screenshot

Tumblr fame has its ups and downs. On one hand, you’ve got hundreds or even thousands of Tumblr users spreading your content by reblogging it on their own blogs, and you may even receive quite a few nice compliments or interesting questions from people who submit to your “Ask” box.

On the other hand, the Tumblr famous users have to deal with trolls, people who steal their original content and of course the pressure of feeling like they need to somehow keep living up to their followers' expectations by satisfying their followers with great, regular content. Most people become Tumblr famous by accident. A lot of them are teens or young people who just spend a lot of time reblogging stuff that people are interested in.

But if you really want a solid strategy for building up your own community on Tumblr and essentially becoming “Tumblr famous” all on your own, there are a few things you can start doing right now. Here are a few tips to get started.

Pick a Theme for Your Tumblr Blog

If people who stumble across your blog know what it’s about, you may have a better chance of getting a new follower if your theme is in line with their interests. A blog that has no overall theme and lots of sporadic posts from such a wide-ranging selection of categories could drive away potential followers who don’t have time to browse through the stuff they don’t like.

There are tons of photography blogs, fashion blogs, foodie blogs, dog blogs, humor blogs, art blogs, craft blogs and blogs in virtually any topic you could imagine. Go with what interests you the most. You can get some great ideas by browsing the Explore page on Tumblr.

Post Content Regularly (Or Use Your Queue)

Sorry, but posting one new piece of content once a week doesn’t cut it in Tumblr land. A lot of the top Tumblr famous bloggers post more than one piece every day, and that’s often why their followers keep them around.

If you don’t have time to post every day during the peak Tumblr hours when most people are active, you can use your Queue to have your content published slowly between two specific times of the day. You can edit that timeframe from within your Settings.

Post Original, Image-Rich Content

Original content means you’re not reblogging content from other people and instead creating your own stuff. While some bloggers have been able to achieve some degree of Tumblr fame by simply reblogging other stuff (and lots of it), it’s getting harder and harder to do that now that Tumblr has grown so big, and nothing beats creating your own content anyway.

Images tend to receive the most action on Tumblr, so if you’ve got any photography, graphic design or Photoshop skills, be sure to put them to work when trying to grow your blog. Some people place a watermark on the image or write their blog URL in the lower corner as a way to sort of reinforce their copyright ownership or to help redirect people to back to the original blog where it was first published.

Always Tag Your Posts

If you want traffic and new followers, you better put some effort into tagging your posts with as many relevant keywords or phrases as you can think of. People are constantly searching through the tags, and it’s the fastest way to get discovered.

Check out the Explore page to look at some of the most popular tags. And don’t be afraid to cram in as many tags as you can into your posts. Just remember to keep them relevant. Nobody likes to see a recipe for a cake in the #fashion tag.

Promote Your Blog, Network with Others and Don’t Give up After One Week

Becoming one of the Tumblr famous usually takes time. You’re not going to get in there in a week, and you probably won’t get there in a couple of months either.

Try telling your friends about your blog, share your posts on Facebook or Twitter or wherever, and remember to follow other relevant blogs on your topic. They may follow you back or even reblog your content. The trick is to stay active and interact with the Tumblr community as much as you can.

Keep at it, and your hard Tumblr work may pay off. If everything works out, you may eventually be able to call yourself one of the “Tumblr famous.”