Learn How to Back up Your IncrediMail Email, Contacts, and Other Data

Easy steps to back up IncrediMail information that you can restore later

Screenshot of the IncrediMail client


You can use special IncrediMail backup software to back up your data from IncrediMail. You can keep a copy of all your IncrediMail information for safekeeping or to restore later on a different computer.

IncrediMail lets you back up your contacts, email messages and attachments, folders, email backgrounds ecards, animations, and more in two ways depending on the version of IncrediMail that you're using.

How to Make an IncrediMail Backup

Follow these steps to create a backup copy of your IncrediMail files:

  1. Download IncrediBackup
     by choosing the Click here link in Step 1 on that page.

  2. Make sure IncrediMail is closed down. You can do this by right-clicking the orange icon on the Windows taskbar, and clicking Exit.

  3. Open IncrediBackup and click the Backup Account button.

    If you're told to close IncrediMail to perform the backup, click OK and repeat Step 2 above. If that doesn't work, you might need to force-quit the program using Task Manager.

  4. When asked to Select the account you would like to backup from the list below, choose the account you need backed up, and then click Next.

  5. Pick where to save the IncrediMail backup and then click Next once more to immediately start the backup.

  6. When you see the Backup Complete! prompt, IncrediBackup is finished making the IncrediMail backup.

    You can verify this by locating the backup in whatever folder you chose in Step 5 - the backup is just one file with the IBK file extension.

  7. That's it!

If you just need to back up your IncrediMail contacts to a CSV file, you can do that through the IncrediMail menu:

  1. With IncrediMail open, navigate to the File > Import and Export > Export Contacts... option.

  2. Choose a name for the IncrediMail contacts backup file and then save it somewhere memorable so that it's easy to find later.

If you're using an earlier version of IncrediMail, you should be able to use the built-in backup tool instead:

  1. With IncrediMail open, navigate to the File > Data and Settings Transfer > Transfer to New Computer... menu item.

  2. Choose Continue or OK, depending on your IncrediMail version.

  3. Pick where to save the IncrediMail backup and pick a name for the backup.

  4. Click the Save button.

  5. Once IncrediMail finishes backup up all the files, you can close the dialog box.

How to Recover an IncrediMail Backup

A backup isn't very useful unless you can restore the original files and use them again.

If you're using IncrediMail 2.0 or newer, you can restore the whole account that you backed up using the same IncrediBackup software described above. However, this time, use the Restore Account button at Step 3 instead and then follow the on-screen steps.

You can also restore backed up IncrediMail data using a similar method to the other backup steps shown above. See How to Restore IncrediMail Email and Other Data From a Backup if you need help.