How to Back Up IncrediMail Emails, Contacts, and other Data

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What does brushing your teeth have in common with creating a backup of your important emails? Do it two times a day, and you're safe from harm, more or less. Like oral hygiene, it's easy to forget the regular backup when things get exciting.

Then it helps when making the backup is easy as using a toothbrush. Well, making a backup of your emails, contacts, settings and other data from IncrediMail is easier.

IncrediMail calls the tool you can use to make a backup "Data and Settings Transfer". Of course, you won't be fined (or get bad karma) if you use the backup copy you created using "Data and Settings Transfer" to transfer the data and settings to the very same copy of IncrediMail on the very same computer after a crash.

Back Up IncrediMail Emails, Contacts, and other Data

To create a backup copy of your IncrediMail files:

  • Select File | Data and Settings Transfer | Transfer to New Computer... from the menu in IncrediMail.
  • Click Continue.
    • In some version of IncrediMail, you have to click OK.
  • Choose the folder and file name of your backup copy.
  • Click Save.
  • Watch IncrediMail back up your data.
  • Close the finishing dialog with OK.

Recover from an IncrediMail Backup

Of course, recovering from this backup copy of your IncrediMail data is just as easy.

You Can Copy or Back Up Letters, Too

The wizard only copies the most important data — your emails and settings.

But what about the collection of letters you have created? You can back up or copy this fairly easily, too.