How to Archive and Delete (Rather) Swiftly in iOS Mail

The Archive button menu in iOS Mail 8
Trash or archive after long-tapping the archiving button in iOS Mail. Apple, Inc.

Want to archive fast in iOS Mail and delete fast, too?

Are You a Keeper or a Trasher?

You get one button to move and one to delete—or to archive. Decide!

While iOS Mail does not offer dedicated buttons both for moving to the trash and for moving to the archiving folder, you can get one button to do both of sorts. It does not really save you the extra tap of the "move message" button but some looking for the right folder perhaps and some tracing around with your tapping finger.

Archive and Delete (Rather) Swiftly in iOS Mail

To get a button in iOS Mail that lets you swiftly archive a message as well as delete it in not much more time:

  • To delete a message (by having it moved to the account's trash folder):
    1. Open the message you want to delete.
    2. Tap and hold the Archive Message button until a context menu comes up.
    3. Select Trash Message from the menu.

Archiving Marks as Read in iOS Mail

Do not be afraid of filling your Archive folder with unread messages: when you archive in iOS Mail by swiping over a new email in you inbox, for example, the message is both moved and marked read.

(Updated August 2015)

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