How to Use iPad Widgets in Safari

Add widgets to iPad for quick access to apps

You can add widgets to iPad through Safari so that when you're on a web page, you can quickly access the functions of another app.

For example, if you want the ability to quickly save any web page to the Instapaper bookmarking tool, just install that app on your iPad and then enable the Safari widget. The same is true for any other app that supports these kinds of widgets, like Pinterest, Twitter, Evernote, etc.

Accessing an iPad widget via Safari is as easy as opening the share menu and then selecting the app. However, you have to enable the iPad widget first. Learn how below.

An "iPad widget" is also the term used to describe mini programs that run on iPad. Learn about those here. You can't install app widgets on the iPad home screen (next to other app icons) like you can on other platforms such as Android.

How to Install Safari Widgets on iPad

  1. Open any web page in Safari.

  2. Tap the share button on the upper-right side of the page.

    Web page open in Safari for iPad

    If you don't see this menu, scroll to the very top of Safari to make it appear.

  3. Scroll to the far right of the list of app icons, and tap More.

    More option in the Safari for iPad share menu
  4. Find the widget from the list that you want added to Safari, and tap the button next to it to make it green.

    Widget list in Safari for iPad

    You'll only see the widget if the app is installed and if it supports this functionality. Learn how to install apps on iPad if you need help.

    This area is also where you can reorder your widgets. Tap-and-hold the three-lined button to the right of any widget, and then move it up or down the list to make it appear before or after another widget.

  5. Tap Done to see the new list of available widgets.

    Share menu in Safari for iPad

Using and Deleting iPad Widgets

You can now tap the widget icon from the share menu to utilize that iPad widget. Just make sure you're on the exact web page you want to use the widget with.

This is how it looks when using the Evernote widget with Safari.

Evernote widget in Safari for iPad

Deleting a widget from iPad is as simple as removing the app. You can also disable a widget from the share menu to keep the app but clean up the widget area. Do that by returning to Step 4 above; select the green button to make it white/disabled.